Stainless steel door handle purchase requirements

With the widespread use of stainless steel raw materials, stainless steel handles are widely used and in great demand, whether they are installed in homes or in public places. Although the stainless steel handle is only a small piece of hardware, there are still many things worth noting during the acquisition process. The following briefly introduces how to choose a good stainless steel handle from four aspects.  1. Raw material:    Stainless steel 304 raw material for stainless steel handle is more cost-effective. Stainless steel 304 raw material has good glossiness, excellent high-temperature strength, and its corrosion resistance, especially pitting corrosion resistance. However, some small processing plants on the market choose stainless steel materials that are mutated, unqualified in nickel content, and contain sand holes because of cost savings. The stainless steel handles made will inevitably have sand holes.  Second, process  In order to save costs and cut corners, some manufacturers use general iron block stamping to make stainless steel handles not fit well, not strong, and simply rust, which simply shortens the service life of stainless steel handles. A good stainless steel handle should be strong and reliable, especially the feet.  3. Surface treatment  The common surface treatments of stainless steel handles are sanding and bright, while the surface treatment of stainless steel raw materials is generally mirror polishing or wire drawing. When purchasing stainless steel handles, you can observe the effect of surface treatment. The sanding of a good stainless steel handle should be evenly distributed. Although the metallic luster is not very bright, it will give people a heavy feeling. The brightness of a good stainless steel handle is metallic luster and reflects like a mirror, without any flaws. The surface treatment of stainless steel handles cannot have sand holes, and the appearance of cloaks is also unbearable.  Fourth, thickness  The thickness of the stainless steel handle has been tested for many years, and it has been found that the thickness with a better cost performance is 1.0mm. All stainless steel handles are usually 1.0. Of course, there are also special stainless steel handles with a thickness of 1.2mm or even 1.5mm.
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