Stainless steel door handle manufacturers teach you how to choose cabinet handles

The matching and styles of cabinet handles are very diverse and very particular. Generally speaking, there are roughly two ways to deal with the relationship between handles and furniture: one is eye-catching; the other is concealment. Among them, the eye-catching cabinet handle, designers generally make it the finishing touch in the whole, and make it an indispensable part of the overall design style, which is the focus of the cabinet design details. So stainless steel door handle manufacturers teach you how to choose cabinet handles?  1, material   Currently on the market, the handles are made of copper, ceramic, zinc alloy, stainless steel and aluminum alloy. Owners can choose a suitable door handle according to the style of their home cabinets. Generally speaking, copper door handles are hard in texture and retro in style, with a full European classic flavor, suitable for matching with European-style cabinets. The ceramic-style door handles are suitable for matching with Chinese classical style or rustic style cabinets. Stainless steel and aluminum alloy door handles are suitable for modern-style cabinets. The processed stainless steel handle has very good corrosion resistance and scratch resistance and is very modern. Zinc-chromium alloy door handle, bright surface, beautiful and fashionable.  2, style  The door handle styles are large and small, square and round, in various poses. Generally, it can be divided into two types: built-in type and pull-out type. Owners can choose according to their own home habits and needs. The built-in handle is more suitable for families with children, because it has no prominent edges and corners, and children will not accidentally hit it. The pull-out door handle is easy to use, but it is relatively easy to hide dirt. The built-in handle is matched with the simple and fashionable cabinets, which is more concise and capable. The pull-out handle is rich in styles and can be matched with cabinets of different styles.  3, distinguish the quality    good door handle has fine workmanship, no flaws, and good texture. It feels comfortable to the touch, and the owner can choose a handle that has been electroplated or electrostatically painted. Their wear resistance and corrosion resistance are better. In addition, it also depends on the pull of the door handle. Generally, the door handle should be able to withstand a pulling force of more than 6 kg. In addition, the surface of the door handle has been spray-painted, which gives it a beautiful luster and is not easy to fade and rust.   Of course, apart from the material that makes designers think about the matching of cabinet handles, generally speaking, the relationship between handles and furniture can be handled in two ways; one is eye-catching and the other is concealment. In concealed design, the handle will pay attention to the overall principle and integrate the handle into the whole. In the design and decoration, the material or color is basically the same as that of the cabinet so that it is naturally interspersed in the overall design style. In the eye-catching way, designers generally make it the finishing touch in the whole, and make it an indispensable part of the overall design style. It is an important point in the details. Of course, the effect presented after the design is in the overall The rhythm is conspicuous but not isolated. s
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