Stainless steel door handle installation process description

First of all, after removing the screws of the old stainless steel handle, remove the small stainless steel handle, then use the pliers to open the snap ring on the handle and take out the handle. The speed of this process can be slowed down, and attention must be paid. Set, beware of your own peace. The whole process is actually quite simple.   Then, I inserted the new handle accurately and snapped the snap ring. This time is considered a success. The rest of the work is about the stainless steel handle at the initial position.  The handle must be durable, because there is a screw sleeve on the outer handle, and the screw must be glued tightly, otherwise it will fall off easily and waste time. When necessary, call someone to help you complete the operation.  The whole process of stainless steel handle installation is so simple. You have learned nothing today, as long as you operate it by yourself, the image will be more profound. 
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