Stainless steel cabinet installation


In the current cabinet market, the reason why stainless steel cabinets are so popular with consumers is inseparable from its own excellence, but there are still many owners who feel that stainless steel cabinets are not very good, and they think it is too rigid. In the end, stainless steel Are the cabinets good?

Installation of stainless steel cabinets

In the current cabinet market, the reason why stainless steel cabinets are so popular with consumers is inseparable from its own excellence, but there are still many owners I feel that stainless steel cabinets are not so good, and feel too rigid. Are stainless steel cabinets good? How to install stainless steel cabinet countertops? Don't worry too much, come and find answers together.

Advantages of stainless steel cabinets:

1. Stainless steel cabinets and countertops are integrated and will never crack;

2. It is absolutely environmentally friendly without testing, because stainless steel It is not made of epoxy resin, and there is no radiation of natural granite;

3. The integration of the basin, the baffle and the countertop makes the whole countertop feel very good, and there are no gaps. It will breed bacteria;

4. Fire prevention is not afraid of heat, and anyone who cooks can inevitably put the hot pot and hot dishes on the countertop;

5. Good impermeability, home cooking It is inevitable that the soy sauce vegetable soup will be sprinkled on the countertop during the meal, and it will never leave a trace when rubbed gently;

6, the stainless steel has good impact resistance and strong hardness, in case the wok is not held someday Stay on the countertop, don’t worry, stainless steel will not give us a face;

7, easy to clean, just use a damp cloth dipped in detergent and simply scrub it to make the stainless steel countertop as bright as new;

8. It will never change color. The countertops of many other products will change color and become old after a long time. The advantage of stainless steel is that it will always be new; when other wooden cabinets are to be replaced, it will cause a second time. Pollution, while stainless steel cabinets are completely avoided, and they can also have recycling value.

Disadvantages of stainless steel cabinets:

1. The visual sense is hard, giving people a cold feeling, and the corners and joints of the stainless steel cabinet countertops also lack reasonable and effective treatment. Means;

2, once the stainless steel cabinet countertop is scratched by a sharp tool, it will leave irreparable traces. These fine scratches are also easy to hide dirt, so you must pay special attention when wiping its surface;

3. At present, most of the domestic stainless steel cabinet countertops are prone to oxidation, which is far behind imported similar products. The price of imported products is higher;

4. The noise is loud. Now most households use iron pots. After these pots collide with stainless steel, they will inevitably make noise.

5. The style of stainless steel cabinets is difficult to achieve the product style made of wooden products. Chinese people especially like wooden products made with a stable and simple style, and do not like the cold feeling of stainless steel. .

Stainless steel cabinet countertop installation skills:

1. Measure the wall cabinet. The cabinet body of the wall cabinet can be a mezzanine or a wall. The main purpose of this choice is to save the space. Effective use, and will not deform. Note that the top of the wall cabinet should be level with the bottom.

2. When making the cabinet, pay attention to set aside a certain position for the track. The size requirement is to set aside 8cm for the upper and lower tracks, and the length of the sliding door is 10cm.

3. For the installation of the wall cabinet door, first fix the fixed top rail. Note that the front surface and the surface of the rail must be on the same level. The upper and lower rails are placed horizontally and reserved before. In terms of position, after finishing these, install the two doors into the track, adjust its position, and fix it after ensuring the level is correct.

4. Before installation, complete the jointing of kitchen tiles in advance, and clean up the installation place, install the panel in advance, and mark the location of the unneeded concealed tube to avoid installation It needs to be punched, and the pipeline is punched during the punching process.

I will introduce you to the relevant decoration knowledge about the quality of stainless steel cabinets and how to install stainless steel cabinet countertops. I hope this article will be helpful to you. If you have any questions, you can Follow us, we will answer you as soon as possible.

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