Space Saving Design: A rackmount monitor comes


Sturdy ball bearing slides create a stable rugged design: Rackmount monitors are not only designed to make optimal use of the available rack mountable space and will remain stable when mounted in the rack. The monitor drawer slide rails and mounting brackets are designed for a single operator to install.

Access Multiple Target Devices: A rack mount LCD with integrated KVM Switch can control anywhere from 8 target devices to 32 PCs with a single monitor, 104 Key notebok keyboard, and touchpad mouse. It can further be extended by cascading up to 8 levels for a total of 256 target servers or devices with a cascading design. The integrated KVM Switches allow one user to control more than one USB computer with a combination USB PS/2 VGA cable. This cable design allows for mixing and matching different manufacturer's servers such as IBM, HP, Dell and Mac all on the same KVM rack mount drawer.

IP Security Over the Network: KVM drawers feature 128 bit encryption for remote BIOS level access of target devices over the network. A user name and password are required which are preset with administrative rights.

Cost Savings and Economical: A rack mount KVM eliminates the requirement to use 1 to 1 keyboards, mice, and monitors. This creates an easily justifiable ROI for immense cost benefits. Furthermore, the consolidation of accessing production processes from 1 keyboard drawer ads to the cost advantages.

Multi-Platform Compatibility: Rackmount Monitors are compatible with most hardware platforms including DOS, Windows, Unix, Mac, and Linux. This hardware solution is very effectivefor almost all server room environments.

In summary, a rackmount monitor with and without a KVM Switch is a great investment into the infrastructure and efficiency of your computer room. Crystal Image Technologies offers the widest range of rack mount monitor and combination KVM Switches available anywhere and back their solution up with their Grade A BBB customer service rating.

Rackmount Console - Getting the best there is affordably

One great way of saving space on a rack is by investing in a rackmount console, and which will help us to eliminate the CRT monitor. The console is basically a mouse, keyboard, monitor and a KVM switch all integrated into a single drawer that consumes as little as 1U of rack space.

There are several models of this product with the rackmount TFT monitor keyboard drawer being the most popular. This is because it has a special flip-up design that allows us to leave it in the open position even with the rack doors closed and as such allowing for easy viewing.

At we have the rackmount console in screen sizes of 17, 19 or 20 inches with integrated 8, 16 or 32 port single/multiuser KVM switch. Our consoles feature a 104 key notepad keyboard drawer with trackball or touchpad mouse, and which are Mac, IBM, HP, Dell and SUN compatible. The rackmount TFT models provide DVI-D, S-video and BNC video options, can carry integrated speakers for audio, and are touch screen (resistive) enabled.

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