Sorting out the selling points of online sales, small and medium cabinet companies open the off-season market

The development trend of future marketing is mainly reflected in integration, that is, integrated marketing that combines digital marketing and traditional marketing. In the future, the cabinet industry will gradually form a trend centered on Internet marketing and other traditional marketing methods are moving closer to the Internet. Especially for the troubled small and medium-sized cabinet companies, using the Internet platform to launch sales is a promising road.

  Small and medium cabinet companies are affected by off-season marketing

   'The low and peak seasons of the cabinet industry have always been obvious. Autumn and winter are our peak sales seasons, while other times, especially in summer, sales are bleak.' The person in charge of a cabinet manufacturer exclaimed. This kind of volatility marketing law year after year has brought certain influence to the development of many small and medium-sized cabinet companies in China. 'We have always strived to break through this situation, but it has never been effective. In the past two years, due to the impact of the general environment, we have not only declined in peak seasons, but also have almost nothing to do in the off-season. Although we have tried various methods to stimulate sales, the off-season Still no improvement.' Mr. Zhang said.

  The rapid rise of online marketing to meet consumer demand

   In order to make companies profit during the off-season, many cabinet dealers have begun to hold promotional activities to reduce the market price of their products. In addition, with the widespread use of the Internet in my country, as well as the rapid rise of e-commerce and online marketing models, traditional marketing models can no longer meet the compact modern life rhythm of consumers. Therefore, in order to respond to market changes, the cabinet industry has gradually shifted the battlefield to the Internet.

   cabinet companies must sort out the selling points of online sales

   Industry insiders said that emerging marketing methods such as the Internet and mobile internet can effectively increase the sales of cabinet products. my country's cabinet companies can use Weibo or WeChat, for example, to take out a special sale every day to attract consumers' attention, and at the same time provide content related to cabinet products that is valuable to consumers. These contents can help consumers choose high-quality products, and can also teach consumers common sense of cabinet products, so that consumers can enjoy more comprehensive services. In addition, cabinet companies can interact with sales channels such as online stores, official websites, Weibo, WeChat, etc., to attract traffic from each other. In this way, consumers can not only purchase products in online stores, but also directly order via Weibo and private messages and WeChat voice orders.

   The key to new media selling good products lies in a good brand system. Online sales of cabinet companies need to sort out the selling points of the brand, and then form the core value of the brand, clarify the brand positioning, and make consumers willing to buy products through the new media platform.
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