Smart homes will usher in the blowout period, and health enterprises will step up their enclosure development

From the on-site activities in 2011, most domestic companies used celebrity endorsements to build momentum, which lasted until 2012. Under the influence of the property market regulation policy, the Shanghai Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition has gained a lively momentum. In 2013, it was obvious that domestic kitchen and bathroom companies had less purely momentum activities and turned to new product launch conferences and key interpretations of design concepts. At the 2014 Shanghai Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition, most companies returned to the product itself, based on the product's function, design, and environmental performance.

   People who often 'go out' love smart bathroom

   It is understood that in Japan, the penetration rate of smart bathroom in ordinary households has reached 85%, and it has reached 90% in public places. In China, although smart toilets have entered the domestic market for nearly 10 years, they have been developing slowly. At present, the penetration rate of smart toilets in Chinese households is only about 1%. Many Chinese residents still hold the mentality of 'watching' about smart sanitary ware.

  One of the important reasons for the slow popularity of smart bathroom products is that the Chinese people's habits and concepts of bathroom products have not changed. Even with the most popularized smart toilet, many consumers have many concerns and unaccustomed to it. For example, for the automatic flushing function of smart toilets, some consumers told reporters that they always feel that the water coming out of the toilet is dirty and that it is 'weird' when sprayed on their bodies.

  The growth rate of smart bathroom is pulled up

   bathroom sales staff said: “In the stores they are responsible for, the main consumers of smart bathroom are business people. Business people have more knowledge about smart bathroom products, because business people usually have more business trip opportunities. There are also more exposure to high-end hotels, and most of these high-end hotels use smart bathroom products.'

  Smart bathroom terminal sales growth rate reached 20%

   'Behind the rapid growth, the share of smart bathroom in the bathroom market is still very small. 20% is still far from our expectation. Our ideal goal is to grow by about 45% each year.' said Ms. Liu, smart bathroom The market space is huge, and the current sales volume is far from reaching the best expectations.

  Smart bathroom will usher in an outbreak period

   In fact, the concept of smart bathroom has been hyped in China for more than ten years, but it has been advancing slowly before. In the opinion of industry experts, the main reason is that the product price is high, the intelligent experience is not good, and the market recognition is low. With the popularization of smart phones and smart TVs, the network has further penetrated into life, and with the addition of traditional home appliance giants and Internet innovation companies, this status quo is expected to change.

   Regarding the smart bathroom strategy of traditional bathroom companies, bathroom analysts suggest: “We must pay attention to content and applications. Although smart bathroom services are based on various hardware products, their smart services are also extremely important. Bathroom companies should first quickly access the Internet, The rapid accumulation of software, content, services and other fields, whether it is the acquisition of related companies or the recruitment of such professional emerging talents, can gain an advantage in the competition with the Internet.'
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