Smart home has a bright future. How can cabinet companies rise to the market?

In 2014 and 2015, the sales volume of smart homes in my country showed an overall upward trend. In 2016, the sales of smart cabinets, smart door locks and other smart home products exceeded 300 billion yuan; the smart home market is expected to grow rapidly in the next three years. In 2018 Sales are expected to reach 500 billion yuan. There are reports that China will become Asia’s largest smart home market by 2020. For cabinet companies to take a share in the promising smart home market, it is the key to identify the market and strengthen scientific research.

  Strengthen scientific research, interconnection, from tradition to intelligence

   Cabinet companies are labor-intensive industries with limited production capacity. Despite the rapid advancement of household intelligence, it is still difficult for cabinet companies to rapidly expand production capacity. Moreover, compared with home appliance companies, cabinet companies have obvious disadvantages in terms of product intelligence, and cannot have a unified interface with smart appliances, so it is difficult to quickly incorporate products into the smart home system.

   To cater to the current trend of home intelligence, cabinet companies need to strengthen scientific research on the one hand. It is not easy to transform traditional cabinets into smart cabinets, but if they can slightly improve the intelligence, they can become the new favorite of the market and gain consumers. More favors; on the other hand, cabinet companies need to be interconnected with other smart home industries. Under a unified industry standard, using the same smart home control platform will not only benefit cabinet companies, but also ease it to a certain extent. The difficulty of landing smart home terminals and the embarrassment of low consumer acceptance.

  Return to products, cabinet companies can also break through restrictions

  Smart home gradually changed from 'playing concept' to implementation, from single product competition to system competition. With the influx of more and more capital and enterprises, the smart home market has formed a new development situation . Nowadays, the Internet giants that have poured into the smart home market are mostly the smart home appliance market, and the smart cabinet market is more limited.

   However, although smart home products are very new, it is still a traditional industry in terms of its industry attributes. Since it is a traditional industry, for cabinet companies, only by returning to the original intention of making products, insisting on the principles of practicality, convenience, ease of use, and reliability, and then taking the fast train of Internet technology, can they break through the market limitations and smoothly enter the smart home. Field, bringing more convenience and benefits to consumers.

  Smart home is a systematic and comprehensive project. If cabinet companies can return to the original intention of product production, use high-tech technology to complete the innovation of cabinet products, and achieve effective control systems between themselves and their peers, and between themselves and other home furnishing industries. The development prospects of smart cabinets will definitely be very impressive.
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