Small and medium-sized cabinet merchants create a new path, low-end products establish a high-end image

After the cabinet industry has entered an adjustment period, market competition has intensified. In such an environment, more and more brands are beginning to position themselves at the mid-to-high end, and many small and medium-sized cabinet companies and distributors will inevitably consider: 'In such a sinister environment, how much room is there for competition for our mid-range products? It's better to go down to the low-end.' In fact, this is not a different way out.

   low-end products are prone to hidden dangers

   Low-end products have always been used as a breakthrough to quickly enter the market in the initial stage of the establishment of cabinet companies. But for the long-term development of cabinet companies, selling low-end products will inevitably lead to a vicious circle and undermine the reputation of the brand. First of all, there are two hidden dangers in low-priced products: First, the environmental performance is difficult to reach mainstream standards. Second, the quality is not stable enough, and 'sequelae' are prone to appear after use.

   Moreover, the overall effect of low-end products is not as good as that of high-end products, and cannot reflect excellent health performance. At the same time, because of the low price, consumers will not only think that the product is low-end, but will further think that the brand is low-end. Consumers who use it, including the company’s own employees, will not think that the brand’s products are of good quality and technical performance, which ultimately leads to a worsening reputation of the brand. Such a vicious circle can hardly guarantee the realization of ideal profits.

   Guarantee the high-end image of low-end products

   But this is not to say that low-priced products cannot be sold, but that cabinet companies and merchants cannot operate just to sell products, but must ensure product quality and service. If the brand image of mid-to-high-end cabinets can be established, consumers will think 'I bought high-end brand cabinets and bought them at a very favorable price even if they buy low-end products. That's a bargain!' — -This is consumer psychology.

   In addition, “Some people say that operating low-end products means doing complicated things and earning “trivial” money.” A cabinet dealer believes that low-end product management is a long and delicate process, and it is impossible to do it in a short period of time. How much money can you make. Therefore, dealers must have a persistence that can withstand loneliness in order to slowly expand the market.
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