Small and medium-sized cabinet companies leverage on e-commerce to build self-built channels that are still unavoidable

Shopping malls are like battlefields. There are no eternal friends, only eternal interests. Even in the current declaration of manufacturer integration, cabinet manufacturers and distributors still have a co-opetition relationship. As a result, some cabinet companies have begun to build their own channels, hoping to gain more initiative by virtue of channel control. However, it is not easy for self-built channels, especially small and medium-sized cabinet companies to leverage emerging e-commerce channels.

  Small and medium cabinet companies rely on channel vendors

  Any cabinet product needs to have enough market sales to maintain continuous reproduction, and the distributors are undoubtedly the main source for cabinet companies to find market sales channels. As a result, the importance of channels for cabinet companies is obvious. However, the general small and medium-sized cabinet companies rely heavily on distributors, and even the right to speak is difficult to take the initiative.

  The emergence of e-commerce has given small and medium-sized cabinet companies hope: save money, save effort, and no longer be constrained by others. More and more traditional enterprises have begun to join the e-commerce array, and virtual online e-commerce has become more and more closely integrated with the real economy. E-commerce platforms have also begun to advocate the remarks of 'no e-commerce now, no business in the futureFor a time, channel vendors seemed to be the cross-street rats that everyone shouted, and it seemed that only if they were eliminated can the transformation of traditional enterprises to the Internet be realized.

  Brand merchants and channel merchants achieve a win-win situation

   In fact, small and medium-sized cabinet companies will encounter many difficulties in their development. Self-built channels are beyond their reach in terms of cost and capacity, and channel vendors are incapable of market perception, market share, and sales terminal resources. The role of substitution.

  Small and medium cabinet companies should realize that in the era of e-commerce, what they have to do is not to eliminate channel vendors, but to use the existing resources of e-commerce to help channel vendors realize e-commerce and achieve control and integration of channel vendors , To use the development of Internet digitization to enhance their sensitivity to the market environment. Traditional distributors also need to reposition themselves to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results with cabinet brands.
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