Sky-high screws?! Beware of hidden consumption of low-priced custom cabinets!!

I don't know if you have ever experienced such a loss: installing a water heater, the consumption of spare parts is more expensive than the water heater; the product that you spend a lot of money on is expensive in terms of installation costs, and the cart is upside down. In many cases, things that seem to be agreeable eventually lose out to small parts. Custom cabinets have been very popular in recent years, but do you really know the hidden consumption in low-priced custom cabinets! Yanmi offer Now some merchants will offer a special discount price to attract customers-such as 1788/Yanmi . This price is limited. Only floor cabinets, countertops and wall cabinets of the specified size can enjoy the price of 1788. Those that are not enough or exceed this specification will be charged separately. The prices of floor cabinets, countertops and wall cabinets are different. The point is this extra price, the merchant has the final say. Anyway, it must be more expensive than the marked price. Why? The designer needs money for redesigning~ it takes money for plate processing~ the price is impossible to enjoy. Only by adding money can be done. This cabinet has a variety of price increases. The complete cabinet composition includes the hanging code of the upper cabinet and the adjustment angle of the lower cabinet. The hinges required for the door panels, the combination connecting parts used for the cabinet body, the screws; the tabletop materials, drawers, pull baskets, rice bins, trash cans, multifunctional pendants, sinks, etc. In the quotations of some merchants, the above accessories are the most basic. It is difficult to say how the quality, feel, and durability are. Want to be more high-end and more durable, it is very simple, add money, some merchants will charge additional fees for the upgrade of these cabinet components or spare parts in order to make a profit, reaching the normal or even higher charge level, in order to balance the low price given. . Potential shipping costs are in the marked price, and generally can only be enjoyed within the default or designated service range. So, here comes the question, how to calculate the freight and door-to-door installation costs outside the scope of the service. Are different towns in the same city different? These are the final decisions of the merchants. Be sure to know the free distribution and installation scope of the merchant before purchasing. How to calculate the price outside the range, how much is a kilometer, these must be clear. (Super Invincible Jushen Pit) The low price of custom cabinets looks very cool, and many times they will be signed by customer service or shopping guides. The money and energy that I have paid to buy a cabinet that is far more squalid than I imagined is not worth the loss. What about custom cabinets, the water is deep
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