Single product is difficult to adapt to the market, cabinet companies enter the overall home

Nowadays, the overall concepts of complete consumption, one-stop shopping and services have been gradually accepted by consumers, especially cabinet consumers, who will plan and arrange the kitchen as a whole before moving into a new home, which has a strong correlation with cabinets. Consumers’ desire to buy complete sets of kitchen appliances is obviously stronger than that of other products.

   Shangpu Consulting industry analyst pointed out: At present, some domestic brand cabinet companies have the ability to produce and sell kitchen appliances by themselves. A large number of cabinet companies have begun to get involved in the development of the pan-household industry. Brand cabinet companies will usher in a rare experience. Opportunities for brand change.

   After more than 20 years of development in the cabinet industry, competition in the terminal market has intensified, and the industry’s profit margins have further reduced. Various factors have made the cabinet industry into an era of meager profit. It is difficult for a single product to adapt companies to the development of the market. This has also forced more and more cabinet companies to change their previous business models, and expand horizontally while making specialized and stronger single cabinet products, and move towards the overall home.

  With the continuous development of society, consumers’ requirements for home improvement are also increasing. The overall home furnishing can not only meet consumers’ needs for the aesthetics, quality and overall personality of home improvement products, but also in design, construction, service, etc. It has an incomparable advantage to the home improvement model. The overall home furnishing is an innovative model for cabinet companies, a way out and an inflection point for the future development of the company, which can bring a comprehensive upgrade to the industry and has a very broad market space.

  As a brand-new home improvement model, the overall home furnishing model covers a wide range. When enterprises expand the overall home furnishing model, they have high requirements on the scale of funds, operating mechanisms, and human resources. However, compared with the traditional operation model, the industry threshold has been raised very high. Most small and medium-sized cabinet companies cannot afford such a threshold. In addition, the overall household model is still in the conceptual stage and has not yet been truly popularized. The degree of purchase is not strong and the overall home purchase is not very strong.

The '2013-2017 China Cabinet Market Analysis In-Depth Research Report' released by    Shangpu Consulting shows: Although the overall household model is already the development trend of the future industry, it is an innovative model for cabinet companies, or will become a cabinet The breakthrough point for enterprises to win the market, it can bring comprehensive upgrades to the industry, and the market space is very broad. Enterprises must integrate the market, recognize the development situation of the industry, proceed from their own reality, do what they can, and find a home improvement model suitable for their own development. .
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