Simple duplex apartment home decoration Simple kitchen interprets comfortable life

The pace of modernity has become faster, and many young people pursue individual, comfortable, and simple lives, so they tend to modern and simple styles in home design. Today, the editor recommends a set of modern and simple style small duplex apartment decoration for friends. There is no deliberate stacking of skillful techniques. Through soft decoration, we will create a finishing touch and stylish home. Let's appreciate the wonderful kitchen decoration together!

  Living room design

  The whole space uses white furniture with a sense of existence, matched with appropriate fabrics, and personalized decoration, so that the entire living room space is active. Thick and warm plush carpets, and colorful wall decoration paintings are the eye-catching highlights in this space.

  Living room renderings

   does not focus on the large-scale color conflicts, but cares more about the exquisite details. The simple white sofa, because of the fresh color and the embellishment of the bag, the color of the living room instantly brightens. The simplicity and purity of white interprets the classic style, and the finishing touch of the soft outfit also enhances the warmth of the home.

   restaurant design

  The pure white dining table adds an arc design, with black resin seats, which makes the whole restaurant harmonious and unified, with both contrast and continuity. The pure tabletop is naturally indispensable with fruit-colored dinner plates and beautiful flowers to set off. The classic combination of the two has become a timeless topic in the home world.

  Kitchen Design

  The in-line kitchen cabinets are mostly simple straight lines. The horizontal and vertical design style reduces unnecessary decorative lines, and uses simple straight lines to emphasize the openness of the kitchen space. The minimalist kitchen has more linear designs and a strong sense of space, making people feel more comfortable and refreshing in it.

  Cabinet Design

   Due to the limitation of the space pattern, in addition to the overall kitchen cabinets being pasted to the wall to adapt to the space characteristics, the small side cabinets and the sorting storage basket also increase a lot of advantageous storage space. The face-to-face arrangement concentrates the power on the design, effectively reducing the hardship of running around in the kitchen.

   Staircase Design

  The staircase design is very simple, and the spiral structure makes it not seem monotonous and boring.
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