Signed nearly 40 million Casvino's investment promotion welcomes a good start

Casvino held a signing ceremony with distributors

On the 20th, the 2nd National Core Strategic Partners Summit of Casvino Stone Brick was held at the company's headquarters. On the same day, Casvino invited Yang Juan, a well-known marketing expert, to analyze the successful password for the distributor. Yang Juan's avant-garde stone brick marketing concept has injected confidence into stone brick dealers. The next day, Huang Shuheng, the lead architect of Taipei Xuanwu Design and Shanghai Danfeng Architecture, gave a speech on 'Conflict and Aesthetics' for the distributors with his unique insights. For nearly an hour and a half, uninterrupted wonderful speeches and cases The analysis will bring more than 200 dealers present to a feast of audio-visual and art.

Subsequently, the half-hour on-site signing ceremony pushed the conference to a climax. Within 30 minutes, Casvino successfully signed 23 dealers with a total contract value of nearly 40 million yuan. At the subsequent dinner, Casvino also presented five major awards of the year.

Signed nearly 40 million in half an hour

In order to reward the dealers who have supported Casvino for a long time, and to attract more strategic partners to join, Casvino can play 'big' the profit-making activity this time.

'Sign 500,000 yuan, get 1 ticket for the European stone art study tour; sign 1 million yuan, immediately change 1.03 million yuan, get 2 tickets for the European stone art study tour; sign 4 million yuan, get BMW 5C One...' When the host told such amazing crazy discount rules, within a minute, 15 places on the scene were full of dealers waiting to sign.

In just 30 minutes, 23 distributors from all over the country have completed signing orders with Casvino General Manager Lu Shaoyou. Among the 23 dealers, the minimum contract amount is 500,000 yuan, and most of them are 1 million yuan and 2 million yuan. Among them, two dealers signed a contract of 3 million yuan, which became the highest contract amount this time.

Prior to this, Casvino had announced that it would launch a profit transfer event at the conference, but how to transfer profit and how much profit will be made is still unknown. 'Unexpectedly, the headquarters will make the event so big this time. This kind of visible incentive is quite tempting.' A dealer from Zhejiang told reporters in the audience.

'To organize such a big discount event every year, one is to thank the new and old dealers for their support to Casvino, and the other is to inspire the dealers' initiative and create more performance.' Casvino's planning department Director Zhang Caiming said that the total contract amount was a bit unexpected. Originally expected to be only 20 million yuan, it was unexpectedly doubled, and the total contract amount was nearly 40 million yuan. 'Distributors who enjoy the profit distribution activities need to pay 50% of the advance payment in February, and pay the full amount in March. At the same time as the profit distribution, the funds can be returned more quickly to ensure the orderly and healthy operation of the entire production.'

Five major awards of the year announced

While the distributors were still marveling at the total amount of contracts signed in the morning, the exciting five annual awards were also announced that night.

At the party, Casvino’s executives successively won the 'Team of the YearAward” to the distributors. The winners of the annual best contribution award, the first, second and third place will also receive a ticket worth 40,000 yuan for a study tour of European stone art.

Here, I have to mention Xue Meibao from Suzhou Mobil Home Building Materials Co., Ltd. He signed a contract of 3 million yuan at the signing ceremony and became one of the dealers with the highest contract amount at the ceremony. At the awards party that evening, he also monopolized the 'Team of the Year'Best Contribution Award' three major awards.

In the interview, Xue Meibao said frankly that before becoming a Casvino distributor, he had no experience in the building materials industry, just because he liked stones, after several investigations and considerations, he finally chose Casvino. So, the Casvino brand has only been established for more than two years. Why can it attract him? Xue Meibao concluded: First, Casvino is affiliated with the powerful Zongyi Stone, and the product quality is assured; second, the boss has returned from studying abroad, with clear ideas, and can show dealers a very bright prospect; third, Cass Vino gives distributors a special 'sincerity' feeling, whether in service or in information transmission, it can make people feel that they are really starting from the interests of distributors.

As the first batch of distributors of Casvino, Mr. Yu from Chongqing may have more say. He told reporters that the entire team of Casvino is young and energetic, with strong execution ability, especially in various regions. Director, can always solve all kinds of problems encountered by dealers quickly.

Cai Jingqi, reporter of 'Nan'an Business Daily' Text/Picture
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