Sharing economy is hot, sharing home furnishing may become a new trend in the industry

Nowadays, many companies are complaining about the market and the general environment, complaining about their bottlenecks and how difficult it is to break the situation. But is this really the case? All the difficulties are due to the inaccuracy of the corporate authorities on the current situation, the lack of confidence in predicting future trends, and the blind follow-up of the industry leaders. Therefore, the risky, practical and innovative energy in the early stage of entrepreneurship has been wiped out. In the embarrassing situation of being unable to go up and down, all that is left is the power to complain. As the most traditional manufacturing industry, the home furnishing industry has been lagging behind in many current times. Now the sharing economy has exploded in all walks of life. They are all vying to get a share of the pie here. It's not going to make any progress without being frightened.

  Where is the sharing economy sacred and can attract capital competition?

   The fatigue of the home furnishing market has almost become the consensus of the industry. The continuous increase in labor, raw materials, and freight has caused many problems for many home furnishing companies. Once the end customer is unwilling to pay for the rising costs, the company will have to digest it. Coupled with the rectification of environmental protection policies, internal and external troubles will overwhelm small and medium-sized enterprises. But when you are still worrying about these, people have already played in other outlets, such as the booming sharing economy.

  The sharing economy is becoming a new outlet for Internet+. Since Didi has tasted the sweetness of sharing, various industries have begun to move around. After Didi, Mobike shared bicycles once again caused a sharing frenzy, allowing many capitalists to see the huge prospect of sharing. Then car sharing, mobile power sharing, basketball sharing, umbrella sharing, etc. have sprung up everywhere.

   For the home furnishing industry, the layout of whole-house customization is certainly a big trend, so how to further promote the overall prosperity and development of whole-house customization is still a huge problem at present. Since the beginning of this year, many companies have adopted the form of VR and 3D to enhance customer experience, but this is far from enough. In order to achieve new breakthroughs and new developments, new blood still needs to be introduced.

   Sharing the home, the new blood of home breakthrough.

   Many readers may ask in their hearts, why? I also silently asked myself why many times, and the final answer was the rise of freshness + new consumer groups.

   We all know that with the rise of consumer groups, post-80s and post-90s are leading the home consumer market. It can be said that whoever understands the consumer psychology of post-80s and 90s will be able to have home consumption in the next ten to twenty years A large share of the market. The generations born in the 80s and 90s do not have the conservative and financial constraints of their parents, and they are willing to spend money, but also willing to spend money for themselves. Therefore, in consumption, it is more bold than the older generation of consumer groups, and it also has new requirements for quality and personality. This is also a big test for enterprises.

   When discussing with the team guys whether shared homes are currently feasible in China, the guys believe that no one wants to share their own independent space and let others visit it at will.

   Then can we also think about it instead? Each of us wants to visit other people's homes for comparison, but because of privacy, we are often turned away from the door. Then the shared home can solve this pain point of users, not only can visit and enjoy various styles to bring real experience, but also choose their own quality of life according to their own preferences. This is also an important reason why the sharing economy is frequently pursued by capital, and it truly solves the pain points of users. Only when the users are in a hurry, can they attract all kinds of birds.

  The dark horse in the industry? Or is it just a short-lived?

  The sharing economy has come so fiercely. After all kinds of gold circle money, the most discussion among industry professionals is that this is a real dark horse? Or is it just a short-lived?

   It is a small fortune for an industry to have such thoughts and worries. If some people expand, they naturally need someone to continuously pour cold water to promote a healthy industry, otherwise it will go from one extreme to the other.

   In fact, the concept of sharing has already existed. In traditional society, borrowing books or sharing a piece of information between friends, including borrowing things between neighbors, is a form of sharing. However, this kind of shared enjoyment is controlled by the two major elements of space and relationship. On the one hand, the sharing of information or objects is subject to the limitations of space, and can only be limited to the space within the reach of individuals; on the other hand, sharing requires both parties A relationship of trust can be achieved. The five elements of the sharing economy are: idle resources, use rights, connections, information, and liquidity.

   Use their own idle resources, or jointly use idle resources with other peers to build a shared home environment, select seed users in the early stage, and share them through invitation or appointment. In this way, it can not only ensure sharing, but also ensure the integrity of the shared home to a large extent.

  The sharing economy can not only provide consumers with convenient experience and reference, but also achieve optimal matching and zero marginal cost. Aren’t these the breakthrough points that the home furnishing industry is urgently looking for?

   In order for an enterprise to develop, form innovation is often the magic weapon for an enterprise to win. Only those who dare to try and break through can get out of the mystery and clear the cloud.
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