Several characteristics of a truly environmentally friendly cabinet

There are E0 and E1 grades of cabinet panels on the market, and there are even more than E0 grade panels, which are called environmentally friendly cabinets. Ordinary consumers have a one-sided understanding of environmentally friendly cabinets. They are not just using the so-called environmentally friendly plates and formaldehyde that does not exceed the standard. They are all called environmentally friendly cabinets.

  Be careful of rough work that can cause harm to the human body. Cabinets with inferior materials and workmanship may have burrs, sharp corners, and quick openings in the details. These untreated parts can easily cause physical injury. Direct handling of food on the cabinet may cause contamination, debris, etc. due to the quality of the countertop, which is also harmful to health.

   There are still noise and light pollution in the cabinets. To avoid these problems, it is necessary to use high-quality hardware and reasonably select panels and countertops.

   The true environmental protection is the recyclable use of materials. In terms of environmental protection of the material, aluminum is better than stainless steel, because the boiling point of aluminum is relatively low, only 200 degrees, while stainless steel is as high as 2000 degrees, which is not conducive to the recycling of materials. Some inconspicuous parts, such as the adjustment feet of the cabinet, can be made of plastic material. As long as its strength is qualified, it is not necessary to use the so-called ABS plastic.

  Environmental protection cabinets should use energy-saving design. The choice of sink directly affects the amount of tap water used. A single large sink is more water-efficient than the currently more popular double-tank sink; because the large sink needs to store more water, and the double-tank can be immersed and washed separately, it can use water more rationally.

   The gas stove should be installed as far away as possible. If it is installed next to the door, the gas will be affected by the flowing air during use. Not only will the gas consumption increase, but the oil fume will be blown away by the wind and cannot be absorbed. Affect the work of the range hood.

   Disposal of domestic garbage. The kitchen has always been regarded as a garbage 'manufacturing workshop'. It is common to dirty the floor and block the sink. Improper cleaning of the remaining garbage can easily breed bacteria and cause four harmful effects.

  In developed countries and regions, people pretreat garbage in their own kitchens. By installing garbage shredders, some garbage can be discharged directly through waste water pipes; and these garbage residues can be recycled in water plants and processed into Organic fertilizers can kill two birds with one stone.

   cabinet design should highlight safety. The cabinet is a place where water, electricity, and coal gather. If these three things are used improperly, they will cause harm to the environment and even affect personal safety. The overflow in the sink should be set up reasonably; electrical appliances, wires and plugs should be protected from leakage; there are gas valves, flameout protection, and so on.
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