Several causes of corrosion of stainless steel hinges


1. If there are acid-alkaline substances on the surface of stainless steel hinges, chemical reactions will occur, causing local corrosion, so we should try to avoid alkali and salt substances when using hinges.

2. Secondly, some organic juices will form organic acids when encountering stainless steel hinges, so the metal surface of the hinges will corrode over a long period of time.

3. In some polluted air, there are a lot of sulfide, nitrogen oxide and other gases, so it is easy to cause chemical corrosion.

4. If there are residues of other metals on the surface of the hinge, it will cause some chemical reactions when it encounters humid air, which will damage the protective film of the hinge.

K95-heavy hinge

Use SUS304 material

The crimping part is welded, with large bearing capacity and impact resistance

Use: special vehicles, containers, electrical cabinets

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