Responding to the demand for resource saving, cabinet companies implement the work of increasing income and reducing expenditure

With the strengthening of international timber raw material control, the import and export trade of timber has been challenged unprecedentedly, and the price of timber has been soaring, making the cabinet industry, a large timber consumer, suffered an unprecedented 'raw material crisis'. In order to face this problem head-on, and conform to the country's call to establish a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, cabinet companies also need to do a good job in increasing revenue and reducing expenditure.

  Solid wood cabinets are highly dependent on raw materials

   For home furnishing companies such as solid wood cabinets, the reliance on wood is self-evident. Adequacy of wood directly affects the quantity and quality of cabinets and other products. In recent years, my country's domestic timber supply has been severely insufficient, and its dependence on foreign sources has continued to increase, which has really caused headaches for many cabinets and other home furnishing companies. In the face of this situation, home furnishing companies such as cabinets must hold high the two banners of increasing revenue and reducing expenditure.

   my country's timber imports account for a large proportion of dependence

   According to relevant data, my country's current annual wood consumption is nearly 500 million cubic meters. In 2013, my country's wood imports reached 79.16 million cubic meters, an increase of 18% year-on-year. The results of the eighth forest resource inventory show that the national forest area is 208 million hectares, the forest coverage rate is 21.63%, and the forest stock volume is 15.137 billion cubic meters. The main consumption wood mainly includes logs, board particle board, and fiberboard. According to the State Forestry Administration, my country's timber demand may reach 800 million cubic meters in 2020. The State Forestry Administration has stated that it will strive for a degree of dependence on timber to be less than 60%.

   cabinet companies integrate the awareness of conservation into production

   For cabinet companies, when producing cabinet products, they must continuously improve production technology and craftsmanship, and increase the resource utilization rate of wood and other raw materials; at the same time, cost savings such as wood need to start from the subtleties and pay attention to details. As the internal driving force of cost control, saving must spread to every employee to form a habit and awareness. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job in the promotion and assessment of resource conservation. For example, cost control and conservation awareness can be incorporated into the staff's assessment project, and a mature cost control incentive mechanism can be established.
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