Remember to do this step for cabinet installation. It is waterproof and practical. I will go home and reinstall it after reading it.

Remember to do this step for cabinet installation. It is waterproof and practical. After reading it, I will go home and refurbishment is a big event for each of us. Renovation can make the house more practical, and our future stays will be special. convenient. Take kitchen decoration as an example, kitchen decoration is indispensable for cabinets, not only can be used to store kitchen utensils, but also very convenient and practical for cooking. Nowadays, smart people decorate cabinets with water retaining strips. Many people regret that the decoration is too early. The role of water retaining strips is too powerful. The water retaining strip must be installed at the edge of the kitchen counter, so that it can have a good waterproof effect, so that the design is not obtrusive at all, but it looks very coordinated and beautiful. You must choose marble for the waterproof strip. The marble material is durable and looks more versatile. It will be especially convenient for us to clean it in the future. Therefore, when decorating in the future, we must remind the decorator to add this step. If there is no water retaining strip installed on the kitchen counter, it is easy for us to wash the dishes and water on the countertop. If there is too much water on the countertop, it will flow over like the edge of the kitchen counter, so that the water can easily flow to ours. The clothes and the ground will also be covered with a lot of water, which will be particularly troublesome to take care of at that time, and it will also waste a lot of time and energy. Water retaining strips must be installed on the front and back of the kitchen counter, and the shape design is completely different, but the effect is the same. The water retaining strip installed in front of the kitchen counter is curved, so the design is more beautiful and practical, and we don't have to worry about bumps or bumps when we usually cook. The water retaining strip is designed in an arc shape, which is especially convenient when taking care of, so that it is not easy to accumulate dust, and it is more convenient and convenient to take care of. Even if water accumulates on the kitchen counter, it will not flow out, so we can just wipe it clean. The rear water retaining bar of the kitchen counter is different. The rear water retaining bar of the kitchen counter is installed against the wall, so it is designed at a right angle. Many people ignore this when adding decorations, and as a result, serious peeling occurs on the edge of the wall, and it looks very dirty. Although there is a wall behind the kitchen counter, we also need to install a water retaining strip. In the future, the stagnant water will not easily seep into the wall and will not flow into the kitchen cabinet, which can avoid a lot of loss and unnecessary trouble. Especially practical, the walls will not appear mildew.
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