Refining products with distinctive selling points, strengthening the impression, and increasing the turnover rate of cabinet companies

Right now, the 11th Golden Week has just ended. The peak sales season of 'Golden Nine Silver Ten' should set off a new climax, but for the cabinet industry, more and more merchants entering the market want to get a share of the pie, from category to quality It is becoming more and more consistent, and there are many choices in price. If there is no clear selling point, it may be difficult for consumers to buy it.

  The selling point of cabinet products is implemented in the actual marketing

   Speaking of 'product selling pointThese characteristics and characteristics, on the one hand, are inherent to the product, on the other hand, they are 'made out of nothing' through the imagination and creativity of the marketing planner. Therefore, no matter where the selling point of the cabinet company comes from, as long as it can be implemented in marketing strategies and tactics, and transformed into benefits and utility that consumers can accept and recognize, the goal of selling products and building brands can be achieved.

   It is very important to refine the selling point and promote it

   The ancients said that 'Wang Po sells melons, sells melons and boasts'. Excessive boasting is easy to cause disgust, but it is still very important to refine the selling points of the products for publicity, especially in the increasingly homogenous cabinet market.

  According to statistics, many sales and shopping behaviors are not rational. Everyone has impulse shopping or the behavior of buying a product because it is useless but likes it. In other words, there are too many in this world. We don’t need this, but we paid for it in the end. 60% of merchandise purchases are sold because of irrationality, and the reason for the sale may only be that the selling point of the product is attractive. Even if the cabinet is a product with high demand and low attention, refining good selling points and promoting it well may give consumers a first impression and form future purchases.

   Cabinet companies and consumers need to differentiate

  How to surprise and make traditional cabinet products in front of consumers? Homogenization is a headache for both merchants and consumers. For merchants, homogenization leads to fierce competition, and for consumers, it is difficult to choose. Therefore, cabinet companies need to find product differentiation.

   Nowadays, most cabinet companies do not have the strength to have a strong communication channel, so when consumers see your products, try to impress the other party and increase the transaction rate in the shortest time. This, even if it is Small businesses can also do it. Small and micro businesses are the hardest and most in need of product differentiation measures.
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