Refined management makes cabinet companies invincible

Intensive management mode is very necessary for the gradually mature cabinet industry. Only by applying refined management to the enterprise itself, its products and consumers, and making itself 'excellent' can it be neutral in competition. In an invincible place.

   cabinet enterprises are no longer suitable for extensive development

   The current cabinet industry is no longer suitable for extensive economic development. The so-called extensive development is to achieve economic growth through the expansion of scale. Intensive economy refers to the use of new technologies, new processes, improved machinery and equipment, and increased technological content to achieve economic growth while maintaining the same scale of production.

   cabinet companies turn to consumer research

   To put it bluntly, it means that you can make more money if you open more stores. When the pockets are not bulging, what the cabinet company has to do is not to open a branch, but how to do fine work on the existing basis. The 'fine' and 'fine' not only refer to the product aspect, but also refer to the consumer groups they face. Classify the consumption levels of the consumer groups, study the consumer psychology of mid-to-high-end consumers, and subdivide them, so that consumers can achieve sales after entering your store.

   refined sales to improve customer purchasing level

   In the current fierce customer competition, it is not enough to simply position the marketing goal on customer retention. Instead, customers should focus more consumption on our products and services, so that customers can enjoy specialty stores. More service combinations allow customers to increase their consumption levels for a certain product or service. Now it is more and more important to improve the concentrated consumption level of loyal customers. It is the most direct and effective marketing method to improve customers' purchasing level through refined sales.

   From the current point of view, cabinet companies need to make a fuss about the mode of going out, instead of waiting at home for the arrival of customers, because customers may be 'robbed' by other businesses on their way to your home. The adversity period is also a good time to establish brand credibility. 'A journey of a thousand miles, do not accumulate steps' credibility and brand accumulate over time. The brand can only lead the industry in adversity.
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