Recommendations for the use of U-shaped stainless steel handles

1. If your kitchen still maintains most of the cooking function, and the frequency of use is high, or you do not like to take care of the room sanitary type, it is strongly recommended that no matter what style or style is used in the selection of U-shaped handles, it must be Don't have too many lines (no), you are smart, you must know the reason. U-shaped handle 2. If you are fond of a solid cabinet handle, that is, one side of the u-shaped handle is attached to the cabinet door panel, please confirm carefully if you really like it to the point of necessity . This kind of handle looks longer than the actual hole distance, mostly straight, and is mostly used in panel furniture. If applied to streamlined cabinets, it adds a sense of simplicity and perseverance. However, please be aware that in the process of using it, your fingers cannot be held together, it will take more effort to open the cabinet door, and it will not feel comfortable.  3. Many cabinet shops now have hidden U-shaped handles, that is, the U-shaped handle is integrated with the door panel and placed above the door panel. But the U-shaped handle is open, which is better than ordinary handles. In addition, if you choose, you must be optimistic about whether the two sides of the u-shaped handle are smoothed, or when signing a contract with the merchant, you should emphasize that the u-shaped handle that presses on the door panel of your home cabinet needs to be smoothed, or use a special plug. Therefore, the kind of handle is made of aluminum profile, which is cut according to the size of the door panel. It is inevitable that there will be stubble without treatment, and it is relatively sharp.  4. Choose a U-shaped handle. Another point is that you may be concerned about the length of the U-shaped handle. But I don't know if you will pay attention to how much area around the screw hole of the u-shaped handle on the back of the u-shaped handle can cover this small hole. Choose a larger area around the U-shaped handle screw hole. Why? As the area around the u-shaped handle screw hole is smaller, the u-shaped handle hole on the door panel is required to be finer, otherwise, a slight deviation will cause the u-shaped handle hole to be exposed and the door panel to be invalid. The door panels are redone, not the same batch of products, the color difference is inevitable, especially for the painted door panels, there is basically no possibility of no color difference.  
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