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Easy entry through the door

Doors without locks or easy to open locks are a gift for intruders. Either it's a front or back door of the house; make sure to reinforce them with steel and other solid material. The screws in the hinge must be two to three inches long. Further as mentioned before, easy to open locks are like reward points for the burglar; so, install a dead bolt into all the exterior doors.

In addition to this, a door without a peephole is an easy target for burglars. Therefore, ensure that your doors do have peepholes. That way, when someone knocks at the door, you have the ability to peep through the hole and open the gate only if you recognize the person.

Home without alarm systems

Homes without any protection are the soft targets of a criminal mind. Thieves can easily break into a house that doesn't have a proper safety set up installed. This is a situation when home security system comes in handy. There is a variety of home security devices available, and you can install one to suit your needs. 24 hour central monitoring is recommended for the areas wherein incidents of security breach is very high.

Further, don't forget to put signboards in the yard or on the windows to show the message that 'this home is under video surveillance'. Such sign boards work as a powerful deterrent for burglars.

Places to hide

Poorly lit garages and huge bushes near windows or doors provide great hiding places for burglars. These are the places where an intruder can hide and wait for the right time to attack. In order to prevent such a situation, clear your entry areas in such a manner that even the passerby could see if someone tries to breach in the house. In addition to this put proper lights around the house, so that the burglar cannot find any safe place for his bad plan.

Even a single loophole in the home security can help the intruder in breaking into the house. In addition to loss of property, home invasion also brings the fear of physical loss. Thus, it is important that every nook and corner of the house is given due attention. When you are installing a home security system, make sure to place sensors and detectors at the most vulnerable areas of the house. These tips will certainly help you in protecting your home and family from any kind of burglary.

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