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Keeping Children Safe from Domestic Poisons

We all know that children are curious creatures and while this wonderful trait helps your child learn and develop it can also place them in dangerous situations. Our houses are full of substances which if ingested or inhaled can be potentially fatal. Household cleaners, solvents, medicines, insect sprays and baits contain poisons or substances which are harmful to human health.

Undertaking a home audit and ensuring all the harmful substances are out of children's reach won't take long. Make sure all household cleaners and solvents are stored in a high cupboard. Make sure this cupboard doesn't contain any other items which your child may want to access. Keeping these substances out of sight will also keep them out of mind.

Ensure all medicines are in a locked cabinet. Dish washing detergents can cause serious burns if they are ingested so make sure they are stored in childproof containers.

Consider reducing the amount of cleaners and solvents in your home, and look for environmentally options such as micro-fiber cloths or use vinegar and bi-carbonate of soda as an alternative.

If you suspect your child has come in contact with a poison call the Local Poison Information Center on 13 11 26 immediately.

Doors and Hinges can Damage little Fingers

Young children have delicate bones and extensive damage can be caused when fingers get trapped in doors and hinges. Your child's bones are still growing and developing and up until the age of five, entrapment and crushing of fingers can happen very easily.

Teaching your child how to use doors safely, and being vigilant yourself, will help protect your child from painful and potentially dangerous situations. Minimize the risk of injury by installing devices on doors and cupboards, such as weight closing systems as these will reduce a door's capacity to be slammed shut.

Door guards are another useful device that can be easily fitted to your cupboards and are available from most hardware stores. Car doors are particularly dangerous; so make sure little hands are well out the way when opening and closing doors. Electric car windows can also entrap little fingers so ensure their hands are their lap before you push the close button.

Discourage your child from shutting or slamming doors and don't allow running and chasing games in the house. Door stops and latches can prevent doors from being closed and teaching children to keep their hands away from the hinge side of doors will reduce the risk of injury.

Take care of your kids' hands. Who knows, you might have a world famous pianist or a ground breaking surgeon on your hands!

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