Promotions cannot be a hotbed of loopholes, the cabinet industry urgently needs anti-counterfeiting mechanisms

Christmas has just passed, New Year's Day is just around the corner, and the Spring Festival is not far away. Of course, cabinet merchants will not let go of this opportunity, and the industry's promotion storm swept across.

   Promotions become a 'hotbed' for unscrupulous merchants

   Promotion is a method that every business will use to increase sales. However, on the occasion of the festival, various promotional activities in the cabinet industry will inevitably become a 'hotbed' for some unscrupulous merchants to play tricks. When there are many promotional activities, it is inevitable that there will be behaviors that disrupt the order of competition in the cabinet market. On the one hand, the industry does not have strict and unified production standards, and on the other hand, it is also caused by the lack of integrity of some businesses. Cabinet brand enterprises must guard against counterfeiting to maintain brand image and protect brand interests.

   When faced with the temptation of the interests of the big gold mountain in the cabinet industry, many small workshops will inevitably take advantage of the legal loopholes, ignoring their conscience to manufacture some fake and shoddy products, or packaging the products into famous brands with fake products, especially in the promotion season. For consumers who lack professional knowledge of cabinets and do not understand the market, it is easy to listen to the words of the sellers, who thought they would save a lot of money, but did not expect the pie to become a trap, and there is hardship to say. In addition, this behavior has a direct impact on the influence of cabinet brands with higher market share and better reputation.

   Anti-counterfeiting technology has received enthusiastic response

   Insiders believe that brand is a very important intangible asset for customized cabinet companies. In recent years, the frequent occurrence of brand counterfeiting in the market has made cabinet companies realize the importance of brand anti-counterfeiting. In order to keep the huge intangible assets and precious wealth of the enterprise from being violated, the cabinet enterprise must effectively protect its brand.

   This year, some peers have launched the first QR code anti-counterfeiting technology in the industry. The product is labeled with a QR code anti-counterfeiting label, which is equivalent to a unique ID card, and has functions such as information tracking and feedback to ensure everyone What consumers buy is genuine. It is reported that this move has received enthusiastic responses in the industry and among consumers. Industry experts also said that the application of QR code anti-counterfeiting technology has also brought the industry's self-discipline anti-counterfeiting alive again.

   quickly establish an industry anti-counterfeiting mechanism

   The cabinet market has repeatedly disrupted the order of competition. On the one hand, the cabinet industry does not have strict and unified production standards, and on the other hand, it is caused by the lack of integrity of some businesses. Under the current rampant counterfeiting, the cabinet industry needs the joint efforts of the industry and cabinet companies to cut the source.

   In order to prevent the occurrence of other small-brand OEM cabinets and shoddy cabinets due to management regulations in all markets, the Chinese cabinet industry should quickly establish anti-counterfeiting mechanisms or introduce relevant standards. The cabinet brand enterprises need innovative technology, so that consumers can easily obtain information about the authenticity of the products, and no longer worry about the authenticity of the products. Only in this way can cabinet companies gain a firm foothold in the anti-counterfeiting war and win the long-term support of consumers.
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