Process flow of detachable hinge


The detachable hinge is a component that requires the fineness of hardware accessories. When the factory produces and processes the hinge, it must strictly control the production steps to ensure that qualified detachable hinges are obtained. Then the processing flow of the detachable hinge is as follows: Which ones? What are the specific steps?

The first step is to understand the relevant equipment for processing hinges and the drawings of some hardware parts. In order to ensure the correctness, we need to carefully check the drawings of the detachment hinges before processing, and check the required hinges. Fully understand the shape and requirements of the page, and also have an understanding of some processing equipment, and understand the relevant performance.

The second step is to select suitable hardware materials according to the required processing requirements, the third step is to process the hinges, and the fourth step is to surface the hinges Treatment, the surface treatment of the hinge is the basis of the product's service life, a good product, its surface must look smooth and shiny.

Understanding the relevant processing flow of the detachable hinge, can we make a better hinge.

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