Precision hardware handle


1. From the perspective of the proportion of handles in the market today, consumers have a greater demand for handles. In the home decoration, the handle mainly plays the role of pushing, pulling, and pulling. It is an accessory that is convenient for consumers to open and close, and plays a role in facilitating home life to a certain extent.

2. Hardware handles are now a very important part of the decoration market. The sound and shadow of handles can be seen in cabinets, cabinets, doors and other furniture. The handles have now evolved into hardware that coexists with decoration and performance. Up.

3. The recommended materials for the handles in different scenarios are different. The handles under the kitchen are recommended to use anti-corrosion materials, the living room is recommended to use the hidden handle, which is safer, and the bathroom is recommended to use organic Glass or ball type, the color and luster should be similar to the cabinet body.

L18-Electrical and Mechanical Cabinet Handle

Tube body: SUS304 stainless steel, sandblasted and electrolyzed for a bright finish

Feet: Black, matte finish

End cover: polyamide (PA)

Installation: feet with threaded blind holes

Use: general machine tool, electronic control Cabinet, kitchenware

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