Precautions for the use of box buckles

The box is deducted for good practicability, and some are very beautiful, can play a certain decorative effect, and are used more on some boxes. The stainless steel box buckle wire is fixed on the foot piece by die-casting. It used to be pressed by a three-ton punch, but now it is pressed and fixed with a mechanical bench drill. We also have some things to pay attention to when using it.  Stainless steel box buckle Do not wipe with water or acid-alkaline liquid every day, and do not change the hole distance of the product casually to avoid unnecessary damage.  The box buckle should not be polished with a polisher as much as possible, and do not arbitrarily replace the parts of the product, so as to avoid damage to the product. In addition, please use it according to the load-bearing capacity of the box buckle to avoid unnecessary losses caused by overload.   If you want to use electric welding, please use the rough product for operation to avoid high temperature burning out the electroplating layer of the box button.

The precautions for the use of box buckle are basically the above. For more relevant information, please call the box buckle manufacturer for detailed consultation.

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