Precautions for stainless steel single handle device

Precautions for stainless steel single handle equipment:    1. The handle is installed vertically on the upper corner of the door panel. This method of installation is the choice of most people. The upper device handle on the floor cabinet door and the lower device handle on the wall cabinet door can be used directly without having to learn the opening direction of the valve plate, and there is no need to bend and open the door when opening the floor cabinet. The door of the wall cabinet is not too hard.  2, the handle is installed horizontally on the corner of the door panel. Many people like this kind of equipment. In the first use, you can see which direction the door is opening by visual inspection. You can operate it directly. Some people will be eager to operate it when cooking, and hang the small shovel used for cooking without opening the door. On the door handle, when the meal is finished, he is retracting the small shovel.  3. The handle is horizontally installed on the corner of the door panel. In the azimuth equipment in the center of the door panel, suppose that coupled with the old copper-colored handle, does it have a retro feel, and it has added some oldness to the pastoral style. The defect is that this is not very habitual at the beginning in the process of use, because the side-opening door cannot be seen by visual inspection, and the door panel is opened in which direction, it will be habitual for a period of time.   4. There is a vertical installation on the side of the door panel to open the door in the center position. The device handle is centered up and down on the door panel. Few people choose this kind of device. Because the base cabinet needs to bend the waist to reach the handle when opening the door, how many times will you bend your waist? There are also wall cabinets. Assuming you want to lift your feet to the handle, how many times do you have to lift your feet in a year? It is several times more tired than the previous one. The height of the handle is exactly the position of the adult's knee, so it is easier to knock to the leg when cooking.
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