Precautions for purchasing wardrobe handles


Closet doors have different characteristics according to their selection of materials, workmanship and other factors. In addition to the doors used on the wardrobe, sliding doors, sliding doors, etc. are all the same type of door leaf, but the types of handles suitable for them are different. There are different.

The sliding door does not necessarily need a handle, as long as there is a certain thickness difference between the door frame and the door leaf, and it is convenient to push, it does not need too much handle on the sliding door of the wardrobe door. It is used indoors. The thickness of the partition door is moderate, and the handle does not need to bear too much pulling force. The color and style of the handle depends on the decoration style of the room.

L20-Machine handle

Using SUS304 material

The relative position of the engraved chapter is used in conjunction with L19

Purpose : Machine tool equipment, automation equipment, testing equipment, medical equipment

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