Precautions for installing stainless steel hinges


What are the precautions for installing stainless steel hinges? First of all, when installing the hinge, we must choose the appropriate hinge according to the actual weight of the cabinet, and ensure that the bearing capacity of the hinge is within the weight of the cabinet, so as not to exceed the bearing range and reduce the service life of the product.

The hinges of the manufacturer must undergo quality inspection before leaving the factory. According to regulations, the hinge must not be broken during the quality inspection test, and the tensile force of the hinge must meet the requirements. It is also necessary to test whether the rotation speed of the hinge and the number of repeated uses of the hinge can meet the standard.

K49-Stainless steel hinge

Using SUS304 material

Two sides are symmetrical, the rotation angle is 270°

Purpose :Instrument box, power distribution cabinet, mechanical doors and windows, etc.

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