Polarization has gradually become the norm in society, cabinet companies must have different positioning

The rejuvenation of consumers as a whole and the rejuvenation of consumer psychology is a trend, and the Chinese market is a developing market. The Chinese market is now rapidly growing production capacity, loose production capacity is increasing, and the trend of vicious competition is becoming more and more serious. In fact, the biggest pressure for cabinet companies is the pressure of competition. Under this pressure, cabinet companies must pay full attention to the huge potential brought by young consumer groups.

   There is also polarization among young consumer groups

   The strong purchasing power of young consumer groups has unknowingly 'opened up' new markets for cabinet companies. Cabinet companies have gradually realized the importance of the young market. However, cabinet companies must understand that the polarization of the young market already exists. When developing young consumer groups, cabinet companies must not only consider the needs of young consumers to pursue individuality, but also the purchasing power of different young consumers.

   The average young consumer has just entered the society. The family background is not as good as the upper-class young consumers, and it is impossible to buy real estate, basically renting a house. On the contrary, it is natural that the upper-class young consumers have sufficient funds to satisfy their desire to purchase because of their wealthy family background. Moreover, due to the superior living environment since childhood, most of these young consumers will buy high-end cabinet products.

  Cabinet companies must have targeted positioning

   Polarization is an inevitable social problem in the advancement of a market economy, and it will not be changed when young people enter society. The cabinet market will also become more and more polarized with the development of society. Therefore, cabinet companies must have a clear market positioning for young consumers in their future operations.

   If it is for middle and lower-level consumers, the price of the products of the cabinet company must be set within the range that the group can bear. Moreover, it is necessary to consider that although middle- and lower-level young consumers pay attention to individuality, they also focus on practical cabinet purchase standards; if it is for upper-level consumers, cabinet companies should pay more attention to the diversification of fashion and functions in product design. When buying cabinets, upper-level consumers pay more attention to the look and feel of the cabinets and new functions. Even if the new functions are not available, they will buy them.

   Cabinet companies should understand that with the development of the social economy, the polarization of the cabinet market will become more and more obvious. The cabinet companies can no longer meet the needs of the market like the 'hodgepodge' production cabinet products in the past, and must be clearly positioned. And use this as a basis to focus on conquering the market.
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