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Nowadays, house decoration and furniture purchase are mostly one-stop services, or one-stop services. From purchase to door-to-door delivery to installation, there are professionals to help us. However, if you encounter some small problems and need to solve them yourself, many people may be at a loss. But in fact, some jobs are not so difficult. Today, take the cabinet door handle as an example to see how to install the cabinet door handle correctly in practice.

One, the installation position requirement of the cabinet door handle. You must understand the requirements of the setup before you work. Now the cabinet doors are divided into two categories, one is the hanging type, the other is the desktop type. Hanging cabinet doors are generally very tall. The position of the handle is determined by the height of the hands of the most commonly used person in the home, or according to women, or it is about 1-2 inches below the cabinet door. For desktop cabinet doors, it is best to install the handle on the top of the door, about one-fifth of the top of the door, or about 1 inch below the door. These positions are relatively comfortable for the human body and can open doors. In addition, the upper door handle must be installed in the lower corner of the kitchen cabinet door, and the lower door handle must be installed in the upper corner of the kitchen cabinet door, so that it is not only comfortable and beautiful in application.

Second, steps to install the cabinet door handle. First, measure the distance of the mounting hole of the knob with a tape measure, and measure the position of the mounting on the door panel. Choose a suitable size drill bit, put it in, and open the screw hole according to the pre-measured position. Please install the handle from the outside, pass the screw from the inside of the cabinet door through the outside from the inside, and finally align the screw with the screw hole and tighten it with a screwdriver. If there is a deviation in the field, it can be adjusted after setting.

Three, the main points of the cabinet door handle installation position. Regarding the installation of the door handle, consider determining the height of the door handle according to the family's door-opening habits, and judging the installation position of the door handle from an aesthetic point of view. Generally speaking, hanging cabinet doors require higher requirements, but the desktop type does not affect the appearance.

In fact, there are not many special frames for cabinet door handles, because there are still many types and styles of handles, so you can choose the same style or what you like. As far as the quality is concerned, pay attention to the pulling force of the handle, and it should not be too small, otherwise there will be problems in use.

It is not difficult to install the cabinet door handle. This is mainly a practical operation. If you do this, you will find that this is a very simple thing. However, before completion, it is necessary to consider whether the preparations are in place, otherwise, if the drilling feels inappropriate, there is no opportunity to modify it. Therefore, it is recommended to make more comparisons before installation.

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