Please pay attention to these points in the daily handling of U-shaped handles


The second law of thermodynamics says: Any substance will decay and decompose over time. Good things should also be maintained and maintained frequently. This is also very good for the use of the object itself. Let's briefly talk about how to maintain the U-shaped handle.

1. U-shaped handle scratches

In order to avoid the accumulation of process lubricant or product and/or dirt, it is necessary to mechanically polish scratches and other rough surfaces.

2. Removal by chemical methods.

In any appearance, free iron will rust and corrode the stainless steel U-shaped handle. Therefore, it is necessary to eradicate it. Floating powder can usually be removed with dust. Some have strong adhesion and need to be treated with embedded iron. In addition to dust, there are many sources of external iron, including ordinary carbon steel wire brushes and sand used on ordinary carbon steel, low-alloy steel or cast iron castings for finishing. The glass beads and other abrasives are shot blasted, or the stainless steel U-shaped handle components and the aforementioned stainless steel U-shaped handle products near the equipment are repaired. In the process of unloading or lifting the material, if the stainless steel U-shaped handle is not protected, the steel wire rope, the sling and the iron of the table are easy to be embedded or contaminate the appearance. If iron is found, it needs to be treated by chemical and electrochemical methods.

3. Remove dust regularly.

Manufacturing is mostly carried out in dusty places. There are a lot of dust in the air, and they keep falling out of the equipment. It can be removed with water or alkaline solution. However, adhesive dirt needs to be treated with high-pressure water and steam.

4. Cannot be pickled

The appearance of grinding and machining is rough, leaving Defects such as grooves, accumulations, and burrs. Any shortcomings may damage the appearance of the metal to a certain degree. The appearance of the damaged metal cannot be pickled, and it should be finished by methods such as electric grinding and shot peening. The rough appearance becomes the birthplace of corrosion and accumulation of products. Even if the welding defects are sorted out before welding and the excess welding reinforcement height is removed, it cannot be polished by rough grinding. In the latter case, fine abrasives should be used for grinding.

5. Removal of rust spots

Stainless steel products or equipment sometimes rust before or during the manufacturing process, which indicates that the appearance is seriously polluted. The equipment must be derusted before being put into use, and the complete appearance must be checked by iron test and/or water test.

The above is a brief introduction to how to deal with U-shaped handles. I hope it will be helpful to you. For more handles, knobs, and handles, please pay attention to Yantai Tanjia Compact Machinery.

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