People’s Daily likes: Moving into a new home, Haier’s integrated kitchen for the kitchen

With the smooth convening of the Qingdao Summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the world's attention has once again focused on this beautiful coastal city. Walking along the coastline of Qingdao, apart from the fresh sea breeze, there is also Qingdao's surging development vitality.

   On June 8th, the People’s Daily Review Department published a review article, mentioning many of Qingdao’s vibrant local brands:

   Many foreign reporters who come to Qingdao are surprised that there are so many well-known Chinese brands here. The shoes and car tires on the feet are double-star brands; when moving into a new home, the Haier kitchen is used in the kitchen; whether at home or in a restaurant, apart from the table full of seafood, there are always a few bottles of Tsingtao by one. The small details vividly reflect the vitality of Qingdao's development.

   Haier’s integrated kitchen, praised by the People’s Daily, is a typical example of the rise of the home improvement market under consumption upgrades.

   As a sub-brand of Haier Whole House Home Furnishing, Haier's integrated kitchen and whole house customized N-home together form the core of Haier Whole House Home Furnishing to create a better quality of life for the people.

   Haier’s integrated kitchen, which has been in the home customization industry for 21 years, has a strong front-end design and service capability, a back-end flexible manufacturing capability, and an information management system leading the full-custom home furnishing industry to create individuality Chemical products provide a solid guarantee. In March 2018, Haier's integrated kitchen wardrobe became a strategic cooperation brand of Jia Ranzhi in 2018.

   At the same time, Haier's integrated kitchen has joined hands with an international team to develop and design. The design concept is cutting-edge and unique. It not only pays attention to the beauty of the shape, but also pays attention to the environmental protection and practicality of the selection of materials. It deeply studies the home and consumption habits of Chinese families and is committed to To provide Chinese consumers with design concepts and brand-new lifestyles; its diverse product styles, leading the industry's product quality, firmly grasp the hearts of consumers.

   And Haier Whole House Home Furnishing brand N-home is another major brand of Haier Whole House Home Furnishing.

  As a mid-to-high-end whole-house custom brand under Haier Whole House Home Furnishing, N-home has always been committed to providing consumers with the best home improvement experience. For consumers, the integration of soft and hard installations with bags has become a reality. In any of N-home's stores across the country, one-stop service of hard decoration + soft decoration + furniture and furnishings + home appliances, and even smart home can be realized.

   In a complete N-home package selected by consumers, the product styles are diverse, and the price is per square meter, including living room, dining room, study, entrance, cloakroom and other living spaces, including ceilings and walls. Hard decoration services such as surface and ground, as well as customized services such as design, production, and installation of home furnishings in various spaces. For users, this is a brand new experience in the context of a consumption upgrade, saving time, effort, worry and money.

   Holding the two major brands of N-home and Haier's integrated kitchen wardrobe, Haier Whole House Home will surely provide consumers with the best home improvement products and experience in this golden age.
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