Pay attention to the traps when buying cabinets

Nowadays, more and more families will choose to install integrated cabinets in the kitchen. There are many manufacturers of integrated cabinets on the market. Many consumers do not know how to choose. They are worried that they will fall into the trap of the merchants if they are not careful. What are there? Next, the editor will briefly introduce you. 1. Price trap The price of cabinets is usually priced based on extended rice, but the price of extended rice is not transparent, because one cabinet or two cabinets can be made within 1 extended meter; and the materials and processes are different, the price is very large. The difference. Although the merchant offers a relatively low price when customizing cabinets, there may be additional charge items. 2. Material trap. The whole cabinet is made of various materials, which is usually difficult for consumers to figure out. For example, a good domestic artificial stone countertop costs more than 700 yuan per linear meter; while the price of a lesser artificial stone is about 300-500 per linear meter. It is difficult to distinguish these stones from the appearance. In addition, businesses may also advertise that their materials are green and environmentally friendly, are imported products of major brands, how good the materials are, etc., after this flicker Consumers will pay more if they don't pay attention. In fact, we may buy OEM products and so on. 3. Service traps Many businesses will advertise that they have advanced production lines, which are produced in strict accordance with standards, and how long can they provide after-sales services, and so on. In fact, the manufacturer may not have superb production technology. After the cabinet is put into use, problems such as expansion and deformation of the door panel are prone to occur. Consumers require the manufacturer to be responsible for repairs. Editor's summary: As for what pitfalls should be paid attention to when buying cabinets, the editor will briefly introduce everyone here. I hope that after reading this article, I can provide you with reference and help when buying cabinets in the future.
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