Out of the flashy castle in the sky, cabinet companies return to the origin of the product

Any company that leaves the product to talk about branding and marketing is destined to be a castle in the air, illusory and flashy. Because what consumers really touch and feel is only products; those who walk into consumers' lives and get along with each other day and night are only products. Therefore, no matter what development direction the cabinet company faces, returning to the product is the basic point.

   Grasp static pin force and dynamic pin force

  Return to the origin is to better see where you are and where you are going. The origin of the cabinet enterprise returning to the product is not just to make a fuss on the product, but to focus on the product's creativity, positioning, selling point, packaging, design, price and other static sales force factors to carry out the most important integration, which is to determine the new product The first critical link of life and death. The second is the driving force, which depends on the first item, and is also a coordinated push and pull, mainly promotion and promotion such as: channels, terminals, and target consumers. In fact, it is difficult to grasp the key nodes and make decisions in terms of planning and execution. We often see cases of failure, one is that the static sales force is too poor, and the other is the decision-making mistakes in the process, which missed the opportunity.

  Creativity is expressed through products

  The return of cabinet companies to products is not to deny creativity, but to let creativity continue. Creativity does not arise out of thin air. Although there are relatively independent ways of thinking, the source must be based on the enterprise, product, but other. No matter how great the creativity is, you can't talk about creativity without leaving consumers and sales goals. Good ideas can be successful and no longer have a broad foundation for success. Nowadays, marketing execution and landing after creativity and strategy are needed, not just the execution of communication.

The    brand comes from the confirmation of the product

  Return to products is not to negate the brand, but to make the brand's foundation everlasting. Everyone knows that products are the foundation, but are there few acts of separating products and brands? The most worrying thing is: I always think that the brand is superior to others, and how backward the product is. In fact, if there is no product, how to talk about the brand. Someone will immediately say such a case: If all the factories in the world of Coca-Cola were burned out overnight, what would happen the next day? The answer is: banks all over the world will scramble to give Coca-Cola loans, and the plant problem will be solved overnight! The words behind the answer are: the power of the brand. However, don't forget that if there is no product formula and culture that Coca-Cola has formed over the years, brand power will come from it.

  Returning to products is not just about product theory, but starting from the essence, letting products drive the development of the brand. From the root and in the longer term, it is not the brand that drives the product, but the product that drives the brand. When the brand leaves the product, it means that the fish leaves the water. It doesn't matter for a while, but in the end, it will suffocate and die. Of course, this does not mean to use brand thinking to make sales, nor does it mean to use sales thinking to make brand. The way of thinking about problems can be different, but the two cannot be separated and exist in isolation.

   Marketing needs product support

  Returning products does not negate marketing, but gives marketing a strong foothold. Cabinet companies don't want to use an idea, a big spread to create a strong sales, create a product, a brand. The sinking of marketing and the control of channels and terminals can seize the purchase of consumers and complete the doorstep.
   In any case, demand is ultimately the starting point of marketing, that is, discovering, creating, satisfying, and controlling demand; the product is the foundation and the premise, and any brand behavior that ignores the product will be a short-sighted behavior of surrendering to the last and 'going ahead'. This is also It is worth causing cabinet companies to think and play.
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