Opportunities and challenges coexist How do cabinet companies grasp the One Belt One Road strategy

In 2013, Chinese national leaders put forward the strategic concept of building the 'New Silk Road Economic Belt' and the '21st Century Maritime Silk Road'. The strategic goal of 'One Belt One Road' is to establish a community of interests, a community of destiny and a community of political mutual trust, economic integration, and cultural tolerance. This will bring rare opportunities and huge challenges to my country's cabinet industry.

   Overcapacity in the cabinet industry 'One Belt One Road' becomes an opportunity

   At present, many industries in my country have overcapacity, such as cement, glass, ceramics, construction steel, etc. in the building materials industry, which are all in a serious state of overcapacity, and the cabinet industry has overcapacity. However, in order to promote the implementation of the grand strategy of the 'One Belt One RoadFor example, the establishment of a leading group for the “Belt and Road” construction work is organizationally guaranteed. The establishment of major construction projects such as the 'Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank' and the 'Silk Road Fund'. Under this strong impetus, the “One Belt One Road” initiative has brought unlimited business opportunities to our cabinet industry and also promoted the transformation and upgrading of the industry. The 'One Belt, One Road' strategy will become my country's leading strategy for external development for a long period of time, as well as an excellent opportunity for the construction of my country's cabinet industry.

   The influence and promotion of the 'One Belt One Road' construction on the cabinet industry

   The 'Belt and Road' construction has a unified ideology, and the relevant countries recognize and follow up. The next step is infrastructure construction and cultural construction, which will bring rare opportunities to the cabinet industry.

   my country's cabinet industry is generally surplus. Many companies achieved very good returns during the last round of high prosperity, and rapidly expanded their capacity in the country, but there were problems in the later period of benefits, which was caused by surplus. The “Belt and Road” initiative proposed the construction of “industrial parks”, which pointed out the direction for the development of cabinet enterprises.

   In response to the “Belt and Road” construction, relevant governments and domestic governments at all levels have successively introduced some policies to encourage cabinet companies to build parks and stores overseas. Related domestic associations and some international business associations have also taken active steps to match up. , To provide better services for enterprises to go global, there are more opportunities in Northwest Asia and ASEAN. There are also some cabinet companies that want to open stores overseas. This is a good thing, and it has also opened the prelude to the transformation and upgrading of enterprises.

  Cabinet enterprises should do a good job in the transformation and upgrading in the 'Belt and Road' construction tide

   The implementation of the “Belt and Road” construction is a long-term systematic project. Its scope, geographical span, and construction period are unprecedented. There are good opportunities in the cabinet industry at any time. We should neither ignore it nor rush to achieve success. We must work hard in transformation and upgrading, practice our internal skills and then go to the battlefield to remain invincible.

   The first is to upgrade, to achieve the ultimate in one's own business, this is relying on technical support, products must be replaced, to adapt to international needs, adapt to local needs, and to develop e-commerce to achieve online and offline integration ( O2O) in order to interconnect domestic and foreign stores; the transformation of enterprises is a strategic issue. The current surplus of production capacity and commercial capacity has forced companies to think about where to turn their surplus capital, and the 'Belt and Road' has given a direction. Transformation in this direction and intensive cultivation will greatly increase the probability of success.

   The “Belt and Road” is both an opportunity and a challenge for the cabinet industry. A fully transformed and upgraded cabinet company will definitely show its talents in the construction of the “Belt and Road” and enable the company to achieve greater development.
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