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Open up a new personalized market, cabinet companies dig deep into young consumer groups

by:Hench Hardware     2021-09-03
Today's society can be said to have become the world of the 80s and 90s. This group of young consumer groups are unique and full of individuality. They admire their own style and like personalized and unique products. This makes cabinet companies notice that if they can dig deeper into the young consumer market, create a cabinet brand with young people as the main consumer, and consider the needs of young consumer groups in design and color. I believe that in the future development of the cabinet industry, they will be able to achieve good achievement.

  Young consumers open up a new market for cabinets

   As the post-80s and 90s consumer groups enter the stage of getting married and buying houses, the demand for cabinets and other furniture and building materials has gradually increased. They have gradually become the main group of market consumption, and the entire market is showing a kind of 'younger' 'Trend, the cabinet industry is no exception. 'Young, fashionable, individual' has become a hot vocabulary in the cabinet market in recent years. In order to meet the needs of current consumers, the design styles of many cabinet companies have gradually moved closer to these popular words. . The strong purchasing power of young consumer groups unknowingly 'opened up' new markets for cabinet companies.

   At present, the post-80s and some post-90s have entered the age of marriage. Although the property market across the country is still in an embarrassing situation, the demand for housing is still hot, which has also played a role in promoting the rejuvenation of the cabinet market.

  Young consumer groups have unique preferences

   Mr. Li, a citizen who is preparing to renovate his new house, said that his living habits are different from those of the elderly at home, and it is not convenient to live together. He used his savings for several years to pay for the down payment of the house, and he will be alone after he plans to marry his girlfriend. Move out to live, so that the decoration of the home and the purchase of furniture can be completely determined according to your own preferences, so that you can feel like you are at home. Mr. Li's thoughts represent the true psychology of the vast number of young people.

   The survey found that the proportion of consumers in the 20-30 age group patronizing cabinet stores has been increasing year by year, which is enough to see that the consumer groups in the cabinet market have quietly changed, and cabinet companies should seize this new opportunity. A staff member of a home furnishing store said that “younger” is actually a product concept and a positioning for the segmentation of young consumer groups. The company integrates young elements into the design of cabinet products to make this type of cabinet The product not only has the fashion and vitality that young people want, but also has the practical and simple characteristics of other cabinet products.

   cabinet companies to lock in young consumer groups

   In fact, as the most important part of home improvement, cabinets should not only be a separate local space, but also an integral part of the overall home improvement design. When asked what kind of cabinets the post-80s and 90s like, a cabinet business person believes that naturally, cabinets with more individual colors and diverse styles are more likely to be welcomed. Considering that the post-80s generation is limited in economic conditions, but they like to pursue individuality, the person in charge said that cabinet products that can be extended infinitely in style and at affordable prices have great market space and marketing opportunities. According to the needs of young consumers, cabinet products can be very out-of-place and bold in design and color. It is also worth mentioning that the current mainstream post-80s purchases are units of less than 90 square meters, and the area is not too large. This reminds cabinet companies that they can develop and customize cabinets that meet the needs and characteristics of small units.

   Locking in customers is the only way to lock in the market. For the cabinet industry, in fact, every cabinet can have a specific consumer mainstream group. If a cabinet company can well divide consumer groups and create products that meet the needs of this consumer group, it will definitely serve the company. The development of China brings new opportunities and challenges.
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