Open the door to network marketing, cabinet companies need to pass the painful period of transformation

When network marketing becomes the general trend, e-commerce has also become a hurdle that cabinet companies cannot avoid. Bypassing this hurdle is equivalent to opening a door with massive customer resources and a huge market share. Naturally, cabinet companies will not 'see their hearts and minds'. However, when cabinet companies turn to e-commerce and network marketing, they will inevitably face reforms to the traditional model. If they spend the least costly during the transition period, cabinet companies will need to work hard.

  Internet marketing model has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people

  The Internet is a convenient platform. As the network marketing model takes root in the hearts of the people, consumers’ consumption concepts and consumption patterns are gradually changing. More and more young people like to learn about the cabinet industry brand-related information and brands through the Internet. The level of after-sales service has forced the cabinet industry to change its sales methods.

  The difference between network marketing and traditional marketing model lies in its unique interactive form. Under traditional marketing model, communication between people is very important, and sales methods are relatively simple. Network marketing can strengthen interaction and save expenses based on product characteristics, specific target customer groups and unique corporate culture, thereby avoiding the old-fashioned and simplistic marketing model.

  Network marketing model needs further exploration

   Internet marketing is a new type of marketing method based on the Internet that uses the interaction of digital information and online media to achieve marketing goals. A few years ago, many people in the industry and consumers believed that cabinet products were sold through the Internet. It is not realistic, and it will be better to promote the brand. Because the cabinet is a semi-finished product, the process is complicated, and it needs to be measured at the door, and the deposit must be paid first. After the consumer purchases, the company also needs to provide after-sales service and installation services. However, the low profit of the industry now determines that cabinet companies and distributors must use low-cost methods to develop the market. Under this premise, group buying and online marketing have gradually surfaced, attracting more and more cabinet companies' attention.

   cabinet companies need to form a complete network team

   Judging from the cabinet companies currently experimenting with online marketing, many companies have already tasted the sweetness. In fact, the establishment of an online shopping mall for enterprises is based on three main purposes. One is to reduce operating cost input, the other is to expand new sales channels, and the third is to increase the opportunities for consumers to choose products. However, if companies want to let consumers buy cabinet products through online shopping malls, they must achieve price advantages and quality assurance, and provide perfect after-sales service.

   To a certain extent, cabinet companies must do a good job in network marketing and gain benefits, and they must use talents, products, prices, promotional methods, channels to develop and improve pre-sales and after-sales services to ensure their own profits and win consumers Trust. The establishment of the network team and the management of talents allow the platform to play its due role. The product positioning must also be appropriate. Planning and promotion methods with appropriate prices can attract consumers and increase market share.
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