Open kitchen fume is a stubborn disease, teach you a few ways to avoid it

The best way to block oil and smoke in an open kitchen is to install a glass wall, which is transparent to smoke and inaudible to the noise in the kitchen. Generally, an open kitchen refers to a non-enclosed kitchen compartment, that is, a space where the kitchen space is combined with the dining room or adjacent to the living room space without any door blocking it. Because the open kitchen is spacious and beautiful in shape, more and more people transform the kitchen into an open kitchen.

   But the open kitchen also has its weakness, that is, it needs to be unified with the living room and dining room. For Chinese kitchens, cooking fumes are the biggest problem for three meals a day. The cooking fumes cannot be solved by 'hardworking'. How to solve the problem of oil fume in open kitchens has become one of the hot issues discussed by many housewives. Separating the cooking area from the operating area in the kitchen allows the kitchen to be partially open, which is also one of the ways to block oil and smoke.

   In fact, Chinese kitchens are not suitable for open kitchens, because the cooking method of Chinese food will inevitably produce a lot of oily smoke. Although open kitchens are beautiful, they are really not practical for those who like to eat Chinese food. Therefore, when facing this problem, many designers basically give the simplest and most practical way-to seal the kitchen.

   Generally, when decorating, many people will knock down one wall of the kitchen to make an open kitchen. This seems to have a relatively large space and a strong integrity. Therefore, it sounds funny and troublesome to seal the open kitchen again. It will destroy the original sense of the whole, and where to seal it also needs to be considered and designed. If you don't have a sense of design, just seal it. Although it seals off the oily fume, it will indeed affect the appearance.

   Therefore, before deciding to completely 'block' the kitchen, first seek help from a designer, and design from various angles such as beauty and practicality. If it is fully enclosed, it is necessary to build the wall and choose to use several materials such as light brick, red brick or light steel keel plus gypsum board.

   In addition to completely 'blocking' the kitchen, it is also a good way to cleverly use glass partitions to create a semi-partition effect, or to increase the power of the range hood.
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