Only by strengthening innovation and improving services can enterprises be invincible

When it comes to the status quo of the cabinet industry, there is no doubt that product homogeneity is a very serious point. Plagiarism in the cabinet industry is extremely prevalent. Only by strengthening product technological innovation and improving product services is the key to high returns for cabinet companies.

  Cabinet enterprise product technology innovation is imminent

   In the cabinet industry, the biggest disadvantage of the continued low-tech production model is the homogeneity of the products, the low technical content of the products, and the low barriers to entry. New companies tend to copy the products of others. This has led to a low rate of return for innovation in the cabinet industry. This is a cycle, and now the cabinet industry has gradually fallen into an inescapable whirlpool in the wireless cycle.

   Low-cost, low-tech cabinet products flood the market, which not only disrupts consumers’ judgment and desire to buy, but also hinders the mature transition of the cabinet market. However, the market development potential of the cabinet industry still exists. Only when companies strengthen product innovation can they highlight their encirclement and make progress.

   cater to consumer demand, improve products and services

  Personalized products that grasp the psychological needs of consumers are the cornerstone of the later marketing of cabinet companies. As an important part of the home environment, cabinet products have been valued by consumers nowadays. Therefore, cabinet companies need to go deeper into services from the product basis. From product marketing to emotional marketing, what the cabinet companies need to do in marketing training is no longer to spread the brand to distributors and cultivate their business capabilities, but to focus more on cultivating distributors' ability to 'meet customer needs'. A good product must not only be superior in performance, but also become a friend, relative, and trusted object in the eyes of target consumers.

   No matter how good the product is, if there is no thoughtful after-sales service, the overall image will be greatly reduced, which is also very detrimental to the establishment of the brand image in the future. Therefore, in the new era, it is necessary to further master consumer psychology in order to carry out different marketing strategies and achieve success in a targeted manner.

   In short, cabinet companies must arm the company with innovative products, so that cabinet companies can have a strong backing in the development of the industry, and with perfect after-sales service, can they be invincible. .
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