Online scale has not yet become a climate, geographical expansion is the biggest difficulty of O2O in the cabinet industry

In 2013, the scale of online transactions in the home furnishing market was 70 billion yuan, and the scale of offline transactions was 1.8 trillion yuan. The online scale has not yet become a climate. The 'China Building Materials and Home Furnishing Industry Development Report' shows that the market size of China's building materials and home furnishing industry will reach 4,070.9 billion yuan in 2014, and the overall market size will increase substantially, but the proportion of online parts will still not be too high. The cabinet itself has special attributes such as high single product prices, difficult logistics and distribution, and the need for offline installation and measurement services, which makes it difficult for consumers to make purchase decisions online. This also determines that O2O is the best model in the cabinet industry, but this The general difficulty facing the industry is that it is too difficult to expand geographically.

  Online strategy: replace simple display with search question and answer

   Replace simple display with search questions and answers, which requires a lot of home knowledge to support, so it is necessary to collect the problems and solutions encountered by cabinet designers and customers in the process of dealing with customers; on the other hand, it will also be shown to customers Design schemes, these schemes are hundreds of thousands sets of schemes precipitated according to the needs of owners across the country. Because big data is involved, this seemingly simple internal intelligent search box is actually a threshold.

  The form of intelligent search question and answer is helpful to improve user experience on the one hand; on the other hand, it can improve website stickiness. No matter where you start from, the goal is to make users have a deeper memory of the brand, form a positioning in their minds, and think of the brand as soon as they buy cabinets.

   Offline strategy: store-centric customized services

   After a certain amount of traffic has been gathered on the line, the next job is to drain the traffic offline. Lead the intended customers from online to offline, and accurately allocate them to cabinet stores in various regions according to the region where the user belongs. The store will complete the measurement and other services according to the customer's needs, and then complete the customer service and order through the offline designer. handle.

  A common problem in the industry: difficult to expand geographically

   Regarding the barriers encountered in the process of exploring the O2O model, there are two main points: Initially, there will be insufficient traffic. On the one hand, I don’t know where there is enough stable traffic, and on the other, I don’t know which traffic is accurate. Customer base. But after several years of exploration, after the O2O model has been put through, another difficulty is found: how to quickly replicate this model to the whole country. After all, O2O is not as simple as importing traffic from online to offline, it belongs to another marketing system. The existing store sales system does not work, it needs to be redefined, and then the new system can be cultivated.

   These two points are common problems encountered in the development of enterprises. Because cabinets have the characteristics of high single product prices and indispensable links such as offline distribution and installation, this industry has small online purchases and cannot be copied. Sex and other issues.
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