Once the worker installs the cabinet, you can add 200 yuan to him. It doesn’t matter how long it will take.

Renovating a house is a very troublesome thing, but I believe everyone wants to install it so that it will be more comfortable after moving in, and there will be no problems at once. However, many decoration novices often make mistakes, which leads to the decoration of things. Tasteless, practicality is not strong at all, many masters know this loophole, but not everyone will help you install it, if he is kind to help you install it, then you must not treat him badly. Once the worker installs the cabinet, you can give him an extra 200 yuan. It will be no problem for decades. When decorating the cabinets, if you install an aluminum square tube, you will find that the cabinets will be much stronger, not only does not require a lot of money, but also easy to install. The most important thing is to extend the life of the cabinets. Before laying the countertop stone, the overall structure of the cabinet should be inspected first. If the aluminum alloy square tube is installed before the decoration, it is very good. This does not require too much time to install, and the price is cheap. It is very important to use it. It can prolong the life of the cabinet a lot. When decorating the home, even if the master did not install it for you, you have to bring it up yourself. Of course, not only the cabinets can be decorated with this method, but also the balcony cabinets, TV cabinets and wardrobes at home can be equipped with aluminum alloy square tubes, which not only saves money and is practical, but also strengthens the firmness of the cabinets and makes the overall The aesthetics is stronger. Before installing the aluminum alloy square tube, remember to communicate with the master first. If the purchased materials are wasted, the master will also feel embarrassed. If the minor details or the major aspects are handled properly, the master will be very awkward. I will do my best to help you install it, and the overall decoration will be more practical and beautiful.
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