OEM cabinets are difficult to guarantee, brand image needs to be maintained by quality

Although the cabinets bought by consumers are 'brand-name' products, it is very likely that these so-called 'brand-name' products are not produced by the original manufacturers. Consumer Mr. Li encountered a similar situation recently. Mr. Li said that he recently bought a set of cabinets in a cabinet brand specialty store, and after using it for a period of time, he found that the cabinet door was bulging. Mr. Li found the merchant, and the merchant admitted that this set of cabinets was not produced by the factory, but was sold outside after 'acquiring the goods' and then OEM.

   OEM leads to quality insecurity

  There are many small and large cottage companies in China, and cabinet companies are no exception. Some small and medium-sized domestic companies do not want to increase investment due to their limited strength, so they find some processing plants or enterprises with overcapacity to produce.' OEM cabinets” have led to poor cabinet product quality and rampant counterfeit products.

  Extreme profits are the reason for the prevalence of OEM

   Consumers who buy products do not know whether the cabinets they buy are produced by the brand company themselves or small workshops commissioned by others to OEM. The processing cost of OEM products is low, but once someone else’s trademark is affixed, the price of the product will double , The huge profits hidden behind it is the 'charm' of the OEM.

The reason why    cabinet OEMs are so 'overwhelming' is nothing more than the huge profits behind them. For example, the ex-factory wholesale price of some cabinets is 100 yuan/square meter, but after rebranding by well-known brands, it becomes 400-500 yuan/square meter in the hands of dealers, which are sold through specialty stores to ordinary consumption. The price has risen further when the owner is in the hands. Just sticking a card, the price has doubled. Such huge profits naturally made some businessmen 'catch them.'

   Well-known manufacturers may also OEM

   Of course, even well-known cabinet manufacturers may be 'acquiring goods' from other manufacturers for consumer demand due to insufficient production capacity and raw material reserves. A senior person said: 'Some manufacturers are developing very fast and have opened many stores within a few years. However, the scale of production cannot meet the market demand, so they can only get goods from other places.'

The    brand is like this, and some distributors are also up and down. After receiving orders from customers, some distributors went to the processing factory to order them, put on branded packaging, and made huge profits. As for whether the price and performance of OEM products are as advertised, it is not known. The craftsmanship and quality of a factory's products cannot be improved by placing an order from a big brand, and the quality of cabinets is difficult to guarantee. What's more, some merchants have spotted the OEM of the cupboard, register a brand, collect some hot-selling designs and ask for dealers to sell them, and when the dealers have a request to visit the factory, they will bring them with them. Business fights 'guerrilla warfare'.

   In this regard, experts said that when cabinet manufacturers choose OEM production methods, they should have a certain understanding of materials, processes, processes, etc., to ensure the quality of product production, in order to maintain their brand image.
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