O2O is the key for cabinet companies to open the e-commerce market

At present, home furnishing e-commerce is in the stage of popularization and explosion. This is a new opportunity for cabinet companies as well as a new challenge. Cabinet companies have a broader network platform, which can reduce the cost of opening a store to a certain extent. And more and more small and medium-sized enterprises are beginning to play their own characteristics on the Internet and have their own user groups.

   Cabinet e-commerce expansion should find a suitable model

   For small brands, e-commerce has indeed given them a new way out. The Internet will be the heart of the brand. Small brands will continue to evolve and expand to become large brands and even offline physical stores. This will be a major trend in the home furnishing industry in the future. However, online development lacks offline support, and cabinet e-commerce is also difficult to expand. Therefore, it is more important for cabinet companies to find a suitable model.

  Online development still needs to be implemented offline eventually

   On August 23, 2014, Lin's Wood Industry's first O2O furniture experience hall will usher in the opening ceremony in Foshan. As early as June of this year at the 2014 Brand E-commerce (Haishu) Summit, the relevant person in charge of Lin's Wood Industry revealed to the media that the experience store covers an area of u200bu200bapproximately 2,000 square meters, and refers to the design of IKEA to accelerate online and offline Fusion of experience. This also shows to cabinet companies that the development of e-commerce must ultimately be implemented in the offline store experience.

  O2O is the key for cabinet companies to open the e-commerce market

   In recent years, many domestic furniture companies have experimented with the O2O e-commerce model. E-commerce platforms have deployed offline experience stores and traditional home furnishing stores have deployed online markets to promote the development of the home furnishing e-commerce market from two aspects. From offline to online, including commodity home delivery, Jiaranzhijia and other companies, there are Taobao Aifenghive, Melody, etc. from online to offline development. O2O has become a key key for various e-commerce companies, including the cabinet industry, to open the market.

   cabinet companies should also create their own personality

   The 'China Building Materials and Home Furnishing Industry Development Report' published by the China Building Decoration Association Materials Committee in June predicts that the market size of China's building materials and home furnishing industry in 2014 will reach 4,070.9 billion yuan, and the growth will continue. The frequent moves of various companies in the industry have confirmed the hope that e-commerce O2O will become a powerful tool for leveraging this market.

   As an industry insider said, “The O2O model requires the support of a rich product line, technical talents, and capital.” E-commerce is the general trend, and cabinet companies should also make O2O with their own individual labels. , To make its own efforts for the healthy and orderly development of the new e-commerce model.
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