Nylon hinge processing and production process


The machining process of the hinge is an important step in the production of the hinge. The manufacturer uses mathematical methods to fully describe the shape of the hinge groove is the basis of the CNC machining of the hinge groove. The CNC software of the hinge groove is three-dimensional through the door hinge groove. Numerical simulation of surface processing is achieved.

The door hinge slot is processed on a machine tool. Various door hinge slots ensure interchangeable production and installation. Multiple clamping processing, low processing efficiency, poor quality, can not meet the production requirements and installation of high-grade wooden doors and large interchangeable wooden doors.

The high-quality wooden door hinges are processed by CNC. The advantages and disadvantages of slotted hinges and in-mold hinges are analyzed and the advantages of slotted hinges are compared: durability and stability. The disadvantage requires a slot, which is troublesome to install.

K15-nylon hinge

Use PA material

Lightweight, oil resistant, angle 180°

Use :Instrument box, power distribution cabinet, mechanical doors and windows, etc.

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