Not all celebrity endorsements work, cabinet quality upgrades are king

The cabinet industry and even the entire home building materials industry were previously a low-profile industry, but cabinets and other household building materials products were originally necessities of life. Once faced with consumer choices, popularity becomes extremely important. Therefore, looking at the current cabinet industry, the combination of celebrities and products has become a highlight of the marketing of cabinet companies, but not all celebrity endorsements can achieve the desired results. Cabinet companies need to think carefully.

   Celebrity endorsements are not all effective

   Celebrity endorsements have become popular in the home furnishing industry in recent years, which signifies the gradual improvement of brand awareness in the industry and the upgrading of the industry as a whole. The reason why cabinet companies choose celebrity endorsements is nothing more than to consider both the brand image and sales promotion. The starting point is definitely good. But through the endorsement of a certain celebrity, can it achieve the effect of enhancing the brand effect? Many home furnishing companies believe that the image of a celebrity is equated with the brand image of a product. As long as you choose a celebrity endorsement, the company's brand image will be improved, and the brand image can also be further increased in product sales. However, the actual situation is that some companies hire celebrity spokespersons to improve their brands obviously, but there are still some companies whose celebrity endorsements are not as effective as they are, because the celebrity image crisis is not easy to control. If the celebrity itself is affected by the scandal or the reputation declines, he will endorse The sales of cabinet products will be greatly affected. Therefore, home furnishing companies such as cabinets must be cautious when choosing stars and do not blindly follow the trend.

   There are hardships and real needs in hiring celebrity endorsements by cabinet companies, but different motivations have given rise to different results. The huge differences in celebrity endorsement strategies and operating methods of various companies also reflect their operating conditions and development goals. Therefore, cabinet companies must first find the correlation between products and celebrities, not every celebrity can find endorsements. Secondly, when looking for celebrity endorsements, you need to examine your own strength. Generally, celebrity endorsements need to pay high endorsement fees. If you spend too much cost on this and transfer it to consumers, it will inevitably affect product sales. Finally, cabinet companies must ensure the quality of their own products, and excellent products are the core competitiveness.

   cabinet quality upgrade is king

  In this disputed cabinet market, limited resources should be invested in product upgrades and technology upgrades, not on the so-called fan effect. Based on the above situation, most companies will choose to take shortcuts when economic conditions permit. Of course, some companies choose to stick to their market strategies step by step. The cabinet industry is closely related to people's lives, and the quality of its products directly affects people's health. Therefore, no matter when cabinet companies must put product safety in the first place, only by allowing consumers to use them safely can companies win the favor of consumers in the fierce competition. The celebrity endorsement is the gorgeous wrapping paper. To truly win the hearts of consumers, it is ultimately the quality that speaks for it.

   Products with high quality and excellent performance are the best spokespersons for cabinet companies. For cabinet companies, the concept of success is inseparable from the quality of the products, and at the same time, they must face the test of consumers and society with integrity. Whether celebrity endorsements are suitable for cabinet companies is indeed a question worth pondering. Many cabinet companies still need to sound the alarm bells in their minds. They are not limited to the fixed trend of celebrity endorsements in the industry, looking for more new marketing strategies, and finding one that really suits them. The road of development.
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