New upgrade of the consumer market, shared home market welcomes the blue ocean

Sharing economy has become a hot word at the moment. Shared bicycles, shared umbrellas, shared power banks, etc. have emerged one after another, and shared homes have also quietly emerged recently. Li Ying, the founder of Doudou Home, believes that with the upgrading of consumption, home rental is undoubtedly a huge blue ocean. Home rental has huge potential business prospects in China. He believes that housing prices are still going up. With the country's measures to encourage the same rights of rent and sale, renting will become a mainstream trend in the future.

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  New upgrade of consumer market, shared home market welcomes the blue ocean

  In Li Ying's view: 'The home furnishing industry has not changed since ancient times. The form of one-time sales has not changed for five thousand years.' Now the domestic home furnishing market has reached trillions. The scale, only the category of furniture, has not changed. Ten years ago, when I rented a house and now I rent a house, the furniture inside has basically not changed. Li Ying believes: 'The future market for renting furniture will be at least 5 times the current trillion-level market. Such a big market.'

   For young white-collar workers in cities today, they have a pursuit of quality of life. Renting a house with brand new furniture is very attractive to them. By connecting with third-party logistics and rental agencies and furniture factories, Li Ying and Doudou Home provide brand-new home furnishings to young white-collar workers who are pursuing the quality of life at very low prices.

   Li Ying said: 'For example, for a house with one bedroom and one living room of about 60 square meters, the home rental is about 200 yuan a month. In a big city, a house with 60 square meters is furnished and unfurnished. The rent is at least more than 1,000 different. If you rent an empty room and then spend 200 yuan to rent a new set of furniture, I think most people will be happy to accept it.' If you don’t rent it, Shake Home Furnishing can return the furniture to the factory for renovation, the tenant No pressure. The rental agencies are also willing to cooperate, and the brand-new house is more attractive to tenants, and it is a win-win situation for all parties.

   For Li Ying, shared home is the same as shared bicycles. There is no industry barrier. The comparison is speed. Who catches the consumer's psychology first. In the future, shaking home furnishings will also expand the category, 'I will add home appliances, office furniture, massage chairs, treadmills, large green plants, all of which can be rented. Now furniture is my largest category, and I am best at it. , I will focus on doing a good job, and after doing it well, a large home rental platform will be formed.' Li Ying believes, 'In fact, what we do in the end is the concept of consumption upgrade.'

  The industry believes that the new economy of leasing, including shared furniture, represents a concept of environmental protection. There are many middlemen in the traditional furniture industry. After furniture manufacturers produce all kinds of furniture on a large scale, they are transferred to various stores for display and sale. The input cost and operation and maintenance cost are relatively high, and it is easy to overstock products, resulting in production capacity. excess. Under the 'new lease economyThe Internet-based upgrade of the traditional furniture industry and the supply-side reform of the industry reduce wood waste caused by furniture production, idleness and elimination, and enhance the industry’s environmental awareness.
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