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After the establishment of Naigu Company in 1985, Mr. Erich and his team have been studying water purification equipment with great concentration and have also produced some finished products. However, Mr. Erich felt that he still could not reach his vision and the product did not break through. For Germany at that time, the water purification industry was still in its infancy. There was no experience to learn from, and only some coarse filtration materials were available to choose from. It can be said that if Mr. Erich does not make innovations in the equipment, it is likely to be Naigu. It becomes a cookie-cutter company and is eliminated in the replacement of the industry.
   However, the arrival of an opportunity made Mr. Erich suddenly enlightened. At that time, there was a very famous dentist's clinic in the small town of Friesenheim where Naigu is located. Once an employee of Naigu Company went to see the dentist and chatted with the dentist midway. The dentist learned that he was Naigu Clean Water. Afterwards, they joked that they usually use oral consoles to have a great demand for water, but the source of water is a problem, because many oral diseases are treated by direct contact between water and blood, so pollutants in the water may cause humans Certain injuries, if the water in the console can be treated to a certain extent before coming into contact with the human body, it will definitely be much healthier. In addition, some patients have physical allergies and they cannot even take a bath because they suffer from water-borne urticaria and have skin allergies to water. This is caused by the very few compounds added to the water. If there is a truly clean water source, it is bound to be a boon for sensitive people.

   The first Naigu water purifier
   After hearing this, the employee told Mr. Erich immediately that Mr. Erich immediately started. He knew that at that time, German dentists urgently needed high-standard pure water instead of tap water as daily water in order to eliminate hidden hygiene hazards. According to this demand, all the coarse filtration technology at that time was abandoned by Mr. Erich. He needed to replace the original materials with materials with higher filtration accuracy. Therefore, he set his sights on the RO membrane used in aerospace technology and the precision of the RO membrane. It is one-tenth of a nanometer and can effectively filter bacteria, organic matter, metal ions and radioactive substances in the water, so that the filtered water can be said to be free of any pollutants and can be used by people in any situation.
   However, RO membranes have not yet been widely used in German water purification equipment. If this technology is used, it is necessary to reintegrate the system of water purifiers, including pumps, structures, pipelines, etc. The effluent quality is up to the standard, these are all uncertain. These complex engineering problems have stumped others, but for Mr. Erich, they are all solvable because he graduated from electronic engineering and has served as an electronic engineer in the leadership of many well-known companies, so he has deep technical skills. Professional background, he personally participated in the development process, he participated in every step from drawing design to product optimization and debugging, and finally passed nearly a hundred experiments, trial-produced prototypes, and the first water purification system with RO membrane. The machine came out.

  Detailed drawing of the first RO machine
   This product, as Germany’s first truly fresh water purifier, first entered the dentist’s office. At that time, the dentist recommended this product to the patient with allergies. His symptoms have slowed down a lot. He said excitedly. It was the greatest invention he had ever seen. This machine has won the high recognition of doctors by virtue of its excellent performance in various test indicators. The doctors believe that this machine can bring people a healthy water source, and they will spontaneously recommend Naigu products to ordinary families during medical treatment. Since then, Nagu's product development philosophy has been formed, and high standards must be achieved in design, technology, and water quality.

   Affirmation by German Nagu
   At that time, Germany's awareness of water purification was the world's leading. Institutions such as medical institutions, baby food companies, high-end families, and sensitive groups all had high demand for water purification. For a time, water purification equipment manufacturers and traders based on the water quality characteristics and user requirements of different regions, such as central water purifiers, water purifiers, water filters, and other water purification equipment were developed or introduced to Germany, and a water quality revolution began quietly in Germany. Naigu has also entered a period of rapid development. However, Naigu did not blindly pursue the expansion of production scale, but continued to develop new water purifiers and water purification solutions in the medical field according to the needs of customers, and formed professional standards.

   The smart product 'ACTIVE' launched in 2007, is still new
   Entering the 1990s, with the development of the European Common Market, Nagu has expanded its business to France, Austria, the Netherlands and other countries with its reputation and geographical advantages, and has established good relationships with suppliers in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Sweden, and the United States. , So that Naigu can serve customers with different water quality requirements in Europe at a high level. To this day, there are still users who use the first generation of Naigu products, and only the excellent quality can withstand the test of time. Naigu pursues a philosophy of German companies, 'guarantee quality, and only do one business with one person'. We hope to use our word of mouth to infect consumers and let consumers choose Naigu!
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